Saturday, 8 March 2008

White.......plants and such....

Cockeli, Coquette, cocky doodle doo, she was part of our family for 18 years. She never flew away. Last Year she took to the sky, returned a couple of times and since then we haven't seen her anymore. She wasn't a great talker...hello cocky...from time to time she added a new word.
I miss her. Yesterday she was still here, today she isn't, tomorrow she might come back.

Memories...the"converted" diary. It has beautiful pictures and would be a shame to discard.

Snowy roofs...this picture is from my diary 1991....Yesterday today and tomorrow!

Gardenia belongs to the familyRubiaceae. Is native to tropical and subtropical regions of Africa.This particular plant was a present from a nursery man which nursery I frequented often when I planted my garden from scratch 20 years ago! Yesterday today and tomorrow.

In 1991 I received a beautiful diary from dear friends, both sadly passed away now. I still use the diary I have converted it into a "cookbook" ! Yesterday today and tomorrow!

My dear Soefeli 1995-2006....sadly Yesterday.

Rose Perle Dior loves autumn, winter and early spring to display its flowers. It propagates easily in winter from cuttings. Yesterday and tomorrow.


Penta lanceolata...beautiful....easy to grow and propagate from green stem cuttings. Holds well in vases, flowers all summer long. The plant to grow in a mixed border. It comes in a big array of colours. Sometimes it mutates and I get a new pink or red. Yesterday today and tomorrow.

Calla "Lilis" make a statement. They like best a moist cool place to grow.

Yesterday and tomorrow.

Cruzifix Orchid shows its flowers for many month. Yesterday today and tomorrow.

Dendrobium Orchid flowers in September/October in my garden. "

Yesterday and tomorrow.

I was on the last voyage the Galileo made to Australia 1974. "Yesterday"

Believe it or not: It is said that a good vegetable cook never needs a garbage bucket. Ladies Home Journal.

Pictures: T.S.

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