Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Seeds and some results

Tuesday morning "my" sky at 6.30am. Raindrops are falling....east side of the garden.

Blue packed in cotton wool.....southwest in the garden!

Royal Cuban Palms are patterned with rain streaks.

It is autumn in our part of the world. The seeds went in end of January.

Saved Tomato seeds. We don't want GM Seeds!

Feathery Grevillia "Honey Gem" leaning over the fence for a chat! Like good neighbours do.

Kiwi curling itself around the fence. It needs two plants to be successful with fruits.

It was still a bit to warm for the garlic.

Tomato and strawberry plants. Strawberry plants are replaced every autumn to get a good crop.

Yes, this is mine and it wasn't used at all!

I thought I throw in some yellow.....and...

Potatoes growing well

and a soft, peachy Daylili and...

Lettuce making seeds. They will be food for my Angelinas.

Beetroot....it is said the red colour is very good for you.....like red wine! Cheers!

Fennel. The seedlings will grow to big bulbs. I love to eat fennel. It has an Anise taste.

and...a yellow bambino Bougainvilliea.

and....Orange Canna flames in the garden.

Believe it or not:
Light is time thinking about itself.
Octavio Paz


Pam/Digging said...

You have daylilies blooming in fall? I've never seen that before. Also, I just love your grevillia. It reminds me of some of the native Texas trees like desert willow or retama.

Melanie said...

I had to look up and down at your photos, over and over again. It was just amazing to see some plants that are so familiar to me and other plants that are so tropical. Many of the tropical plants are ones we grow in containers. What a lovely garden!

As for daylilies blooming in fall, bet you have good luck with reblooming daylilies.