Saturday, 22 March 2008

Tropical beauties for easter

Saturday sky half past 6am, blue....but...

The new "candles" on Banksia ericifolia. The flowers are rigid and some are 30 cm long. Lorikeets and Honey birds love their nectar.

Flower stem of Bromeliad, Neoregelia.

Tropical climber Thunbergia Mysorensis.The flowers hang in long, pendulous trusses, up to 40 cm long. It looks spectacular hanging from a Photinia which it has made its home.

Tropical climber Ipomea horsfalliea, Cardinal Creeper, is a vigorous climber. I had to prune it back and this is its second flush.

Bromeliad, Neoregelia

Hibiscus, were easy plants, disease free, now we have an insect that attacks the leaves of the plant, which then look curled up and full of small bumps. Quite a nuisance.

Monstera deliciosa, Fruit-Salad Plant, when ripe they peel themselves, the small segments fall off and that part is ready to eat. Ripening continues for a few days when a part of the fruit can be cut off and eaten. It is a very luscious taste, hence fruit salad plant, like banana, pineapple and passion fruit rolled in one.

Monstera deliciosa will climb up a tree. a handy web side to look up names of tropical plants.

Believe it or not:
Early Americans called dill seeds"Meeting House Seeds" because they chewed them to relieve their boredom during long sermons!


Melanie said...

Wow! Those Banksia candles are amazing, I've never seen anything like them.

Meems said...

I'm a big fan of bromeliads and have quite a few but not the Neoregelia- I like it!

Lots of wonderfu plants in your garden.
Meems @ HoeandShovel

Andreja said...

"Zdravo" from Slovenia :)
I found your pages while browsing Google Pics for some Monstera Deliciosa information. I must say you have some seriously unusual plants growing in your garden. Not something that would ever succeed in our continental regions. Really a lovely blog you're making.
May you and yours be well and many sweet camparis to come! :)