Friday, 28 March 2008

Raindrops falling on my leaves

A monochrome sky on Friday, 11 am.

Bromeliad, Tillandsia Cyanea, is starting to flaunt its showy flowers, like the bracts wouldn't already be attractive enough.

Showy Penta, easy to grow, easy to propagate.

The dangerously, beautiful Thevetia belongs to the Oleander family.

We are TWINS, Euphorbia Milii, apart from the Poinsettia, the Crown of Thorns is the most grown Euphorbia.

The debutantes are still the rain. The yellow Allamanda couldn't stand it any longer and has left, she sighed...promises, promises...

Native Alexandra Palm greets the rain this morning with a new bunch of flowers.

I love this old fashioned Daylili, its colour, it's texture and the raindrops.

The papery, wet flowers of Camellia sasanqua. This Camellia doesn't mind the sun.

Curcuma sp. Someone had a seriously good meal out of this plant.

Always liked Elephant Ears, Colocasia esculenta, likes to soak up the rain. Various cultivars exist.

I like the feathery brushstrokes on these leaves. It likes to be admired in the shade.

The Lorikeets always come as couples. When they feed, their breast feathers get sticky so they go to the birdbath and wash themselves. If their is no "bathroom" around , the wet leaves of the trees are used. They are real clowns in the water, doing all these contortions until they are clean.
It is really fun to watch them.

Rainbow Lorikeet feeding on the nectar of Banksia flowers.

Angel Wing Begonia, Begonia coccinea. I love everything about this plant. It is easy to grow from cuttings. It has a graceful habit, long canes, beautiful flowers, the leaves are very attractive as well. This is a must have plant in my garden.

Thunbergia alata, Black-eyed Susan, I am watching you!

Believe it or not:

Come into the garden, Maud,

For the black bat, night, has flown

Come into the garden Maud,

I am here at the gate alone.

Alfred Lord Tennyson, "Maud" 1855


Marie said...

What a beautiful post!

Titania said...

Thank you Marie, will have soon a stroll in your garden again.

Kerri said...

This was a lovely wander through your garden, Trudi, and your photos are beautiful! I love all your thoughts about the plants too. You give them personalities :) They're all so wonderful!
I wish I could have a cutting from your Penta. I have a lily like your orange one (that photo is fabulous!), and am crazy about daylilies.
My Angelwing Begonia lives in the house.
Glad you liked my window boxes. Thanks for the kind words. If you do try some I'm sure they'll be beautiful, just like the rest of your garden.
I have trouble getting comments to go through when I read through the Blotanical interface. Have you run into this problem?

Titania said...

Kerry, thank you.No I have't noticed anything different or had any trouble.

Gardenista said...

What beautiful colors - both birds and flowers! Alas, we got yet another foot of snow this week, so my colors are going to take a few months to show. It is interesting to see your selections of plants - many I have never heard of.