Monday, 24 March 2008

Easter Monday

Easter Monday sky at 6.30 am. It doesn't look to bad, every cloud has a silver lining.

The easter bunny has been busy. He took a mighty hop and landed on the bookcase.

The easterbunny has been generous.

Shots from my daughter and son in law's garden. Queensland Bottletree,
Brachychiton Rupestris.

Cycad, surviver from before the Dinosaurs!

Cycad, the whole plant. A good reference search site for Cycads: The Cycad pages:
ML's Permaculture veggie patch.

I always admire the Pampas Grass....and
the hundreds of natives they have planted in their garden. This is Grevillia "Moolight".

Believe it or not:
In the spring, although a young man's fancy may lightly turn in the direction which Tennyson suggested, the gardener has not time for any such diversion: it is his busy season.
Frances Duncan,Ladies Home journal.


Kerri said...

Trudi, it does my heart good to see those Australian plants. It seems ages since I saw some in person (2003 was my last visit to NSW). I remember my oldest daughter saying, "Everything grows huge here!"
Your little granddaughters are so sweet :) I'm sure you had a wonderful Easter with them and the rest of your family.

Di DeCaire said...

The Grevillia is otherworldly. Everything does seem very large there.