Monday, 10 March 2008

My "snaps" this morning

Strolling around in my garden early this morning with my small camera, a Panasonic Lumix, MEGAO.I.S. 28 mm (it says it is intelligent! It is a little acrobat it performs all sorts of tricks. It also makes movies. I am getting really there with all this newfangled gadgets like my iPod. Anyway not to get away from my subject, I "snapped" my way through, to what caught my eye. The sorting out comes later.

My sky this morning.

I feel very content when I am working on my blog. Here I can talk to no end about my favourite subject, my garden and my plants. Nobody gets bored. I can't expect my family and my friends to listen to me talking about plants; when they are not themselves into this sort of things and if they are, they want to talk about their gardens. Well, here I can talk (write) as much or less I want. If somebody likes to listen (read) that would be great but if not that's fine with me too.
It is also fun to be a photographer (sounds good) nobody takes notice of my "bad shots" I hope.

mmmh....I wonder what I am up

I have put Tibouchina into my "favourits"!

A small trough to water plants.

This is an English bred David Austin Rose. It does soso..lala.. when it blooms it's brilliant, the colour a wonderful pink, soft and silky.

Hoya, I have this plant since many years in the same pot. It is never watered, only from rain. It is small leaved and the flowers are yellow with dark red, small. I have forgotten its name.

I like shells their intricacy and mystery, beautifully carved objects of art. Some people think shells are tacky, kitsch. I don't think so, Nature is never kitsch!

Bromeliad I think this one is a Nidularium. It is opening small, intensely blue flowers in its nest of pink. Bromeliads revel in a shady spot with a glimpse of sunlight.

Rose Iceberg or Schneewittchen. I must say I don't like the name Iceberg. Schneewittchen sounds so much nicer. It could have been named "Snow maiden" still better than Iceberg. Anyway it is a fantastic rose to have in the garden. This one was severely cut back and has already recovered and making new blooms. Every winter I make a few cuttings. Very easy to propagate.

Fresh leaves of a dwarf Date Palm. At the base are vicious long thorns. I have to be careful when cutting of the old leaves. Nonetheless it is truely a beautiful plant.

The first flower of a white Camellia sasanqua.

Abelia the scent of all summers.

Believe it or not: Almost all vegetables are better if they are prepared for cooking early in the morning and soaked in cold water until cooking time....All vegetables should go over a fire in boiling water, with salt added to the green vegetables.
Mrs. S.T. Rorer, Ladies Home Journal.
No, no my dear Mrs. Rorer, cooking has changed a lot since victorian times!

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Kerri said...

Hi Trudy,
I've enjoyed reading your thoughts and looking at your photos this morning. I so agree that the blog is a lovely place to ramble on about our gardens and show our photos without worrying about whether we're boring anyone :)
It's so good to see my native Australia! I'm glad you're enjoying the autumn weather.
Nice to 'meet' you :)
Thanks for faving my blog on Blotanical. I'm just going over to leave you a message there too.

Kerri said...

Oh sorry, I spelled your name wrong. I'll remember the 'i' in future....same as my name. People often put a 'y' on mine too.