Sunday, 30 March 2008

Sunday Garden Medley

The little cradle up there is the moon at 5.50 am (well, I know it is a cradle!)

Surreal sunrise ( explanation: Billy was turning on the garden light automatically behind me, clever dog, I think.) The time 5.30 am.

The small native wasps are now taking over the Peruvian Morning Glory. They have found their dream shrub. This shrub grows on the edge where it goes up to the vegetable garden. It is good that they are so placid, not aggressive at all.

Wire sculpture created by a Star Jasmin. I thought I let it do its own creative work and have a look what it comes up with.

I like to combine shells with my pots, as we live so close to the beach. I have to place them so Billy can't reach them. He interferes with my decorating skills and carries them all over the garden.

Haworthia likes to nestle between rocks and spreads itself on the pebbles.

When a gauzy, purple butterfly,

Softly tilts a yellow flower

It's cool wings ease the summer flame,

As laughter soothes a troubled hour. Courtney.E.Cottam

Honeysuckle, Lonicera flowers on and on. I like how the buds are pink then inside white and finally turn a soft, creamy yellow.

A different Haworthia, nearly black-green an unusual colour, with shells found on the beach.

Flowering time for the Sasanquas, ethereal, papery pink blooms with prominent stamens. Very delicate looking but tough as old boots!

Root of Paperbark.

Carved Rose decorating a wall....and....

"Rosenrot" is not really the name of this Rose. I know it is a David Austin Rose, the name mmh... I think she looks quite pleased with "Rosenrot."

Believe it or not:

If I keep a green bough in my heart, the singing bird will come.


Nancy J. Bond said...

Very nice pictures. I love the seashells.

Barbara said...

Wunderbare Bilder zeigst du! Angefangen vom "unwirklichen" Sonnenuntergang (sehr romantisch!) bis zur Rose. Muscheln liebe ich ebenfalls sehr und ich sammle so oft ich die Gelegenheit dazu habe (ich bedauere schon aus diesem Grund nicht am Meer zu wohnen!). Die zart aussehende Sasanqua ist eine mir unbekannte Pflanze. Wunderschön und hat eine gewisse Aehnlichkeit mit Zistrosen, finde ich. Muss nachher gleich noch mehr in meinem Pflanzenlexikon über sie lesen.
Ich wünsche dir ein gutes Wochenende und grüsse dich aus deiner "alten" Heimat!

Julie said...

I love the Haworthia! It looks so cool. I love seashells too...I used them in one of my succulent tire gardens! You might love to visit a site called Everything you ever wanted to know about Haworthia and Gasteria...the link is on my website @

Titania said...

Thank you, nancy j., barbara and julie for your comments. Yes, Julie I will look up the website you mentioned. See you all in your gardens.