Tuesday, 11 March 2008


My sky this morning at 6 AM

A moth was still flattering around and then settled on a Bauhinia leaf.

Not a leaf was stirring.....at least not the big ones!

Alinta Strawberry plants. These plants will grow over winter and we can harvest Strawberries from early spring until middle of summer, when it will get to hot and humid for the berries. We don't spray any pesticides in the gardens. There wouldn't be a point to have nice, fresh vegetables or berries when they are poisoned.

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Our test found pesticide residues in most conventionally grown strawberries — a few at levels that exceed the maximum acceptable limit. Online 01/08
StrawberriesAbout our test
Where to buyPicking the best
We love our strawberries. They look beautiful and good ones taste delicious. But are there hidden dangers? CHOICE's latest test results suggest we should be concerned about poor pesticide practices
(this article is from choice on line.)

Frozen Strawberries from the garden. We usually harvest many kilos of Strawberries. There is always surplus to freeze for making Jam, Ice creams or coulis for desserts. Flavouring Natural Yogurt.

Yesterday I cooked Strawberry Jam.
Here it bubbles away for just a short time, only about 10 minutes. The strawberries should stay a nice red colour not cooking it to death until brownish looking.
Ingredients for this batch:
1,2 kg strawberries organic (frozen)
600 g organic sugar
(if liked, 3 heaped teaspoons of pectin can be used, to make the jam a bit thicker.
Rinse the glasses in boiling water.
Do not dry them.
Fill with the jam and close lid tightly.
Once a jar is opened it should be kept in the fridge.

The finished product, ready to eat or give to friends as a present.

Believe it or not: A cure for nervous headache is to shred a little horseradish
and hold it in the palm of the hand until warm, then snuff it energetically!

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