Monday, 10 March 2008

Places to go, people to see, Switzerland

(Sun) Oldest Guest House Sonne in Stein am Rhein(16th century). The oriel dates from
1659, The main picture shows Diogenes and Alexander the Great.

Rosegarden for blind people. Every Rose is scented. This rosegarden is in Rapperswil a town on the shores of Lake Zurich.

Schwarzes Horn (Black Horn) First mentioned in 1476. The Baron Johann Rudolf Schmid von Schwarzenhorn (1590-1667) was born in this house.

Great- great cousins (family ties) Lilli and Amanda, sharing a few days, short and sweet.

Roter Ochsen (Red Ox) The oldest Public House of the town, mentioned in reports dating back to 1466, has a gothic front and an outstanding decorative oriel and wall paintings from 1615.

On top of the fountain stands "Der Eidgenoss". Eidgenoss Brunnen.

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