Monday, 3 March 2008


Perfumes are the feelings of flowers. Heinerich Heine


Dwarf Daylili

Coreopsis lanceolata.

Brilliant orange Daylili


Canna, I do love Cannas, they have the ultimate tropical look.

Tibouchina "Jules" I have propagated from cuttings.

Peruvian Morning-Glory is an easy shrub to grow and flowers continously.

Peacock Iris, Dietes bicolor is easy to grow and not invasive.

St.Johns wort shrub, perhaps hidcote...... it is not the herb. I am growing the herb, it grows quite well and vigorously but has only sparsely flowered.

Believe it or not. To find a pod with nine peas in it is considered very lucky indeed!

All pictures: T.S.

Glitterings and Glitterthings: Fine jewellery, Venetian Glass and Freshwater Pearls.

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