Friday, 21 March 2008

The merits of Blotanical.

The merits of Blotanical.
I think it is great to be part of the worldwide Blotanical family.
Through Blotanical Gardeners are brought together through cyber space to show their gardens, their special plants, share knowledge about their favourite subject, Nature.
Gardeners are in general a creative lot. Blotanical brings this ability forward with Photography, creative writing and more.
Gardeners love to go and visit other gardens. I do! With Blotanical so many beautiful, gardens are at our fingertips, strolling or better scrolling all over the world looking at the best gardens. They are all different and each one is special to the person who has created it. Gardeners love to share and show their gardens.
Blotanical has a fantastic concept to bring Garden enthusiasts together.
Gardeners are also fairly competitive which is never a bad thing. Blotanical"s pick and choose is not just competition. I think it is quite some fun and very interesting because one starts to see not just the pretty flowers. It makes one ponder over the gardens and go back and have a look again. I am wondering if Blotanical has a"Birthday" when everybody can send in a special flower to say "Happy Birthday Blotanical."
For me, a new comer, Blotanical is fine as it is. That doesn't mean there is not room for improvement.
Generally over time things get better and better with input from many people.
The most important thing is not the abstract it is the happiness of the gardeners with their plot!
Believe it or not: Objects containing caraway seed cannot be stolen, including a husband with a few in his pocket!


Kerri said...

It's certainly a great way to meet gardeners all over the world, and what could be more fun?
Via the blogs we can visit at our leisure, and work in our gardens when we need to. No traveling necessary. :)

Stuart said...

Well done Titania. Great post and I like your idea of the 'Birthday' post. I shall continue to 'mull that one over'. Great ideas and I'm glad you're enjoying it.

Di DeCaire said...

Cheers to Blotanical! It is interesting what a vivid mental picture you can develop from visiting someone's blog over and over. So unlike the stark, 'correct' impression you get from a slick magazine article. Thanks for your visit, was glad to get a comment on that daylily. Please visit again soon. I'll be back.

jodi said...

Nicely put, Trudi! Through the joys of Blotanical, I'm learning not only about plants that grow well in my part of the world, but also throughout North America, Europe, parts of Asia, and of course, Australia. It's really fun to see what Australians are doing as you segue into autumn, while we're clamouring for the arrival of spring. Brings us all closer together.

Melanie said...

Caraway seeds hum? I'll have to go get me some of those, I'll leave a few in each car, and at the bottom of my purse too :-)