Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Garden Embroidery

A blue sky means a sunny, autumn day. Tuesday morning 6.30 am

A "toughie" in a velvet outfit, Coleus always make a statement and fit just about anywhere, I think it is like they would know where to establish themselves without help from me.

Leaves of Draceana fragrans Massangeana (Happy Plant) has also interesting "pompom" flowers. Wool embroidery for a wall hanging.

Leaf of Strelitzia , interesting, red midrib, cushion embroidered in wool.

The extraordinary, beautiful books by Thea Gouverneur. "Flower Portraits in Cross Stitch". Even if one is not a needle and thread person her books are nice to have and to cherish. One is so tempted to have a box full of wools, cottons and silks and to choose a design. Which one is the question, one is more beautiful than the other!

Dianthus, I plant them every year, they do well in my climate in pots and planters. The little ballerinas would make a nice design in silk.

Design of Pansies in her book.
I love the designs in this little book. Glorafilia. Each design is exquisite and doesn't take ages to finish. Perfect for handmade presents.

This is an other silky, innocent looking "tough buddy". Love Duranta "Geisha Girl".

Coleus, mainly yellow, love Coleus, hardworking buddies in trendy colours establishing themselves where I would not have dared to put them.

The secret Garden in Cross Stitch an other book by Thea Gouverneur.

Tapestry in sun and shade.

A little bouquet in tiny stitches.

A tough battler, with a beautiful face.

Early Samplers, and Samplers in general have stylized botanical themes.

Dianthus in cross stitch. It takes a long time to stitch.....it needs patience like with gardening.

Believe it or not: Only the educated are free - Epictetus


kutu_merah said...

oh. i like what you're doing with ur page. though i'm not good with my hands in the garden, that doesnt stop me from loving the nature. nice page ;-)


Titania said...

kutu merah thank you for your comment. You can do anything, it is just a matter of trying. When you love nature you are a happier person.

Marie said...

What a beautiful post! Very nice photos :)

Kerri said...

So many beautiful themes! Yes, embroidery is an enjoyable and relaxing way to create the beauty of plants and flowers as art. I've done some of it in the past.
I could get lost in those beautiful books :)
I too love Coleus, and the Duranta, "Geisha Girl" is gorgeous!
I'm glad you had such a lovely Easter.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I find you over the google searching pic of Thea cross stitch and books. I'm Loredana from a very far Croatia, live in a little village PEROJ ON THE SOUTH OF THE PENINSULA ISTRIA, in fron of the national park Brijuni, very fond and addict cross sticher, needlework, crochet and knitting.
Big xxxx kiss from Loredana