Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Summer whispers

Beyond this point is "fairyland".

It begins with a purple Alamanda, Cryptostegia grandiflora, visitors to the garden always go "ahhandohh" and everybody wants one!

Wattle seedpods rattle in the wind. The flowers are like tiny snowballs decorating the tree.

Vinca, Catharanthus Roseus, or also known as Madagascar Periwinkle. This plant comes in different reds and pinks, white with a red eye. From time to time I make cuttings and sometimes I buy a new colour. This is a fantastic plant, does well in my garden. No scent,so the flowers make up with their fantastic range of colour and the neat habit of the plant with glossy leaves.

Summer is the time to indulge in Mangoes. This is a heavenly fruit. This one is Nam Doc Mai.
The tree grows in our home orchard. This mango has an extremly nice flavour, again no comparison with shop bought mangoes. They are usually harvested far to early. I can not say that I ever had a bought mango as good as our home grown ones. The bought ones are usually not ripe enough. If one lets them ripen they get "gummy" or then they are overripe and have already a sort of decaying smell. Not nice. The mango stone is very slim it can be planted and this type will reproduce true to the fruit.

I made a summer tablecloth. It took a while while while and much longer to crochet.

The baby in the family celebrates her birthday in summer. 5 summers .

Bougainvillea, an all time favorite. They are named after Louis-Antoine de Bougainville. The first french man to circumnavigate the world. He named Bougainville Island after himself.

Decorating the Christmas tree in Summer time.

Papaw tree loaded with fruits.

Surf and sand are not far

Exotic looking Hibiscus.

Sky, sea, sand and "people" as far as I can count one, Wooli beach.
Crucifix orchid comes in a lot of colours including a buttery, deep yellow. They bloom for ever and are easy to grow. Very attractive plants.

I know this plant as Tiger Lily. The Flowers are orchid like and held up on wiry stems. It blooms through out summer.

Have a look inside me. Orange Abutilon. Honey birds pick a hole on top of the bells to get to the nectar.

Cassia fistula, this picture doesn't do it justice.

A Rose showing off its not so perfection!

To read: The Garden at Forest Hall. By Susan Irvine. After reading this book I wanted to move to Tasmania!

All Plants and Fotos: T.S.

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