Monday, 18 February 2008


Magic flight into the night!

Take some feathers of a duck.

Dandelion leaves and a little luck.

Take a spoonful codliver oil,

Say hokus pokus dinky ditch and quickly stir and poke and mix,

A gooey, smelly thick porridge.

A spoonful of this on top of your nose

At strike 12 take an other dose.

Stand on one leg in the moonshine till two,

Don't let go, I have no clue, sing a song!

If you can't fly into the night,

Go back to bed it all went wrong!

Copyright: T.S.

Sun kissed fern leaf

Sunrise Wooli beach

Calla lillies

Three sisters 1970

Rose, Rosa, Rosina, Rosetta, Rosalia my sister.

Native, small wasps building their "hives" on Peruvian Morning-Glory. I was stung, it was not to bad, but it was really itchi for nearly a week.

Lotus "my baby" in the pond.

Emile born 1903

Just magic!


Coral beach on Fitzroy Island

A handful of pebbles!


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