Tuesday, 12 February 2008

companions, visitors and friends

"Les lapins bleu" are the work of Lilli.

Marcia ....has been left....forgotten... she has been with us for many years.

Small huntsman spider "Charlie". they are always scuttling away, quickly hiding behind towels, curtains, and pictures just about anywhere. We like them and are used to share the house!
The territorial Mickey birds always tell us, they make such a racket when Python is around.
It lives in a Staghorn fern. Nice home.

Baerli gets sometimes lost.
Fritz the silver crane is a daily visitor. She loves our small ponds...instant cuisine...gold-and silver fish!! Her home is on a huge Hoop Pine/ Araucaria Cunninghamii. Every year she rears at least one young Fritzchen.
The very beautiful King Parrots love visiting. They have a distinctive call. This one is a male. The female hasn't got red breast feathers. They usually bring also their babies for visits.

Terracotta hen never makes a move, just watches, she is a good layer...terracotta eggs!
My chickens...6....2 are shy...they are all called Angelina. Six Angelinas...nice eggs!

A very rare visitor in my garden. The Richmond Birdwing butterfly. To breed he needs the birdwing vine. A climber, Aristolochia praevenosa

Mrs. Benteli, also called Tooki, she is a Guinea fowl. She arrived in a eggshell and is now 10 years old. She always answers when I call her name.

Billy also called "Boebeli" just one year young.

Some of the creatures sharing home and garden!

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Rowena said...

Ahhh...now I see Billy, and Mrs. Benteli too. I adore the terra cotta chicken...will have to look for one to put in the herb garden. My husband won't agree to a gnome!