Wednesday, 13 February 2008


HIBISCUS, this is a very neat bush. I let it grow to about 1,5 m. The colour of the flower is just as shown in the picture. It is a very delicate mauve with a dark red eye.

This HIBISCUS with its blush pink flowers can grow to a very tall shrub. It is weeping and a good screening plant. It looks sensationnel when in flower.

In my garden this plant and flower is called ROSE OF SHARON. It seems to me lots of Hibiscus are commonly named Rose of Sharon. Which is which is the question? This one is absolutely beautiful. It can grow into a big bush or tree but it responds well to pruning. Rain plays havoc with its silky flowers and turns them quickly into mash!

Daylillies have always been my favorites. I always loose their labels and I forget their names.

Strelizia, Bird of Paradise, the name says it all. They are very good cutflowers, look and keep extremely well in vases.

Alamanda, huge, golden yellow bells on a lanky climber. Threads itself through trees and bushes. The flowers wink from high above, in my garden from a native Gardenia...Randia Fitzalani. It flowers nearly all year round.

Ipomoea horsfalliae, what an ugly name for such a gorgous climber. It sounds like a "fallen horse"! This one is very vigourous ones it is established. It climbs over an arch. In midsummer it has partly closed the archway with its growth and I don't have the heart to cut it back! In winter its looses its leaves and it is time to prune it.

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