Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Garden lore

The gorgous flower of the Pitaya/Hylocereus sp. or also called red dragon fruit. Its vietnames name Thanh long. This climbing cactus grows over an arch in the vegie garden.
I took the photo of the flower very early in the morning around 5am. The bee was already busy; a "busybee"! Its legs are full of pollen. It was probably one of ours! We have one hive just for fun to watch the bees at their work. It only takes a very short time from the flower to develope the fruit. The fruit is very soft, a little perfumed, very palatable and attractive.

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Betsy said...

I'll try this recipe, it looks good:) You write a very interesting blog!
I see some of the same plants blooming at the other end of the year from mine here, but tropicals too that I can't imagine growing. I'll be checking into your garden from time to time as if you lived next door...