Thursday, 14 February 2008

psshh...story time

I have written this story for my grandchildren when they were small.

The red and blue hat
Happy, Miss Flora sits on her stool
in her hands the knitting of red and blue wool.
First she wanted to knit a mat
but, rather she thought, I knit a hat.
Red and blue stripes and a pompon on top,
oh, cry key, I let some stitches drop.
Beside her, purring, Miss Kitty the cat
watches the progress of the red and blue hat.
The balls of wool dance up and down
these movements let Miss Kitty frown.
She blinks and thinks a little play
is fun and makes a better day.
She yawns and stretches and licks her fur,
She lets escape a little purr.
Then a sudden grab for the wool
Miss Flora nearly falls off her stool.
Out of doors and down the street runs the naughty cat
Tangled in the wool of the red and blue hat.
Miss Flora cries stop, is quite aghast,
Miss Kitty her cat is so very fast.
She plays with the wool has so much fun
A neighbours cat comes too for a run.
Meow, meow let me have a go
The pair of them make quite a show
They run by the butcher- and baker shop
Nothing will and can them stop
They pass the church and pass the school
Still playing along with the red and blue wool.
Miss Flora is all in a flurry
She really must run and hurry
She sighs and thinks what am I to do
How will I recover my red and blue wool.
Miss Kitty her cat is nowhere in sight
Now this is Miss Floras plight.
She puts on her glasses, her coat and her hat
And follows the spur of her naughty cat.
She finds the red and she finds the blue
Tangled up mess of her beautiful wool.
She finds Miss Kitty curled up in a ball
Fast asleep and not sorry at all.
Copyright: T.S.

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