Thursday, 14 February 2008

African proverb: Little by little grow the bananas

This beautiful banana plant grows in our orchard. It doesn't grow very high so it is easy to manage. This plant is also very ornamental with pink and reddish markings on the leaves.
Before the fruit is ripe one has to cover the bananas with a special bag to help with the ripening and to keep the bats away from damaging the fruits. The fruit is absolutely delicious and sweet.
There is no comparison with bought bananas.

The banana is the worlds most popular fruit. The true origin of the banana is found in the region of Malaysia. By 1402 The Portuguese discovered this fantastic fruit in their travels to the African Continent. They established the first banana plantation on the Canary Islands.
The Banana plant is not a tree nor a shrub it is classified as the worlds biggest herb!
Swiss Birchermuesli with Bananas. For 2 persons.
3 heaped tblspoons organic traditonal oats
2 lady finger bananas ( or if they are very big just one will do.)
1 tblspoon raisins or sultanas
2 figs sliced
4 dates sliced, best are the fresh ones
a good handfull berries mixed or just one kind,whatever is in season or available.
1 Apple organic not peeled finely sliced
and other fruit in season like Aprocots, peaches, grapes. pears.
Mix and match but always bananas and apples.
Add a spoonfull of ground Almonds or Hazelnuts.
sweeten with honey or organic sugar if necessary.
A Birchermuesli is something very nice, healthy and nourishing and can be eaten for breakfast or lunch. In Switzerland it is also eaten for dinner with Bread and Butter if the main meal is served at lunchtime.

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