Wednesday, 9 April 2008

A rainy day

Today I didn't want to publish a post. I wanted to go for a long walk along Currumbin beach with my daughterML and with my gran daughters Raphaelle and Fabrizia, as they have autumn school holidays. The weather gods didn't agree with that decision. They covered the sky with grey gauze and let it rain. Perhaps they are in a better mood around lunch time. They might
take away the bulky grey to make room for sun and blue sky.

It seems they do not agree with that either the rain increases, steadily drumming on my roof. The sort of rain one knows is not going to stop just for a walk on the beach. Out of the window I can see the goldfish frolic in the pond, they seem utterly happy with the rain.

So here I am making one post more. Yesterday evening ML send me some pictures from her garden. She not only has green thumbs she is a green person. I will post them now.

A grey, rainy sky.

Can you see the Stickinsect on this Hibiscus?

Flowering Eucalyptus sideroxylon.

E.sideroxylon is one of the best known of the Ironbarks as there is an isolated population in the western area of Australia's largest city, Sydney. There are two subspecies recognised; subsp. sideroxylon is the common form found over most of the range of the species except that it only has a very slight incursion into Victoria. Subsp.tricarpa is found along the south coast of New South Wales, the north-east coast of Victoria and in central Victoria. The latter differs from subsp. sideroxylon in having fewer flowers in its inflorescence, larger buds and fruit and broader juvenile foliage.

The flowers grow on long stems pointing upwards.

This is a succulent plant, I don't know the name of it. I received a cutting years back from a friend. I gave a cutting to ML, and it is flowering now. The paddle leaves are long and flat and very lanky. (easygardener said , the name of this plant is: Epiphyllum oxipetalum.)

Believe it or not:
The lili has an air,
And the snowdrop a grace,
And the sweetpea a way.
And the heart's- ease a face-
Yet there is nothing like the rose
When she blows.
Christina Rosetti


rusty in miami said...

Beautiful flower, I have one that is similar, it blooms only at night and for one night. The common name here is cactus orchid or night bloomer, the inside of the flower is identical to yours.

Titania said...

Rusty, thank you for your message.
Yes, there are similar ones around. Very short lived blooms but still worth it. I like them a lot.

chey said...

I love the blooms on the last succulent plant! They are very different, and absolutely beautiful!

easygardener said...

If the leaves are flat and without spines then I think the cactus is Epiphyllum oxypetalum (Queen of the Night is another name).
I've got one and the flowers are superb, very heavily scented.

P.S. Thanks for visiting my blog :-)

titania said...

Chey thank you for your comment.

Easygardener, thank you for giving my succulent a name! Good gardening to both of you.

Elke said...

You must have very good eyes to find the insect in the hibiskus (in German it is called "Stabheuschrecke".)

Kind regards
Elke (Frankfurt/Main-Germany)

Kathryn/ said...

That white flower is exquisite! Glad you posted!

Trudi said...

Elke and Kathryn, thank you for your message.

Jamie said...

I love the photos of your night blooming cactus. My grandmother had one as I was growing up. I have learned it is called "queen of the night" in some places. I have a cutting from her growing here, and I'm so excited for it to bloom. You pictures are beautiful!

Titania said...

Jamie thanks for your comment. Yes it is such a beautiful flower; and what better name than Queen of the Night.