Monday, 7 April 2008

Green Food

Monday, 6.15 am a stormy look, but no rain.

Same time, north of the house, on the palette, azure flecked with grapey blue, gray and white.

Beetroot comes along well...winter is the time for it.

Hibiscus still opening buds. In the "cool" it is more pinkish. In summer it is a subtle lilac.

Water from the well, for garden and house.

Explanation, what is which, no, which switch is which...(is this funny?)

The last, lonly chilli waiting to be picked for seeds.

Lettuce and radishes growing well now. The garden grows without any artificial fertilizers or poisons.

Mountain Pawpaw or Babaco with small fruits which will grow over winter. The fruit is very luscious a little like a Melon. This tree grows in the perma culture garden.

This attractive torpedo shaped fruit has an effervescent flesh hence its other name the 'champagne fruit'. The texture of the golden fruit is light and refreshing. The slightly acid flavour has a hint of strawberry, pineapple and pawpaw and can be made into a tasty thirst quenching drink. The unripe green fruit is delicious used as a green vegetable in curries and chutney. A very close relative of the pawpaw, the babaco needs fertile well-drained soil and warm conditions to grow well. A mature tree can reward you with up to 25 to 100 fruit per year. Fruits are harvested when they lose their green tinge and turn yellow all over, handle with care as they are easily damaged.
The babaco is a natural hybrid between mountain pawpaw species in Equador. All babacos are female and do not require pollination, all the fruits are seedless.

Peter has a very regimental approach to his vegetables. If it were for me there would be also growing Tagetes, Sunflowers and Dahlias. He really likes Nasturtiums, I might be able to sneak some in!

Strawberries bear fruit twice once in spring and once over winter.

Sweet Corn grows well too over winter and in spring.

"My vegetable gardener" has a special way of growing tomatoes, it works!

Believe it or not:

Did you ever meet a gardener, who however fair his ground, was absolutely content and pleased?....Is there not ever some grand mistake to be remedied next summer?


Barbara said...

Could your "vegetable gardener" please tell me where he fixes the end of the tomatoe "strings"? It is not really visible on the picture. It looks quite interesting....I am very fond of tomatoes and I'm also growing them. Your veg garden is great (not only the size!!).
Have a nice week. Es Grüessli vo dr andere Siite!

Barbee' said...

That is a serious vegetable garden, a super one, too. I'm green with envy. Also, thank you for leaving a footprint in my garden. Wouldn't be hard to do; we had 4 inches of rain in one night - water logged here.

Titania said...

Thank you for your message Barbee. Yes, 4 inches of rain I understand that you are waterlogged. Lets hope the sun is shining tomorrow.