Friday, 4 April 2008

My Dschungel Garden

Blue silk at 7 am

Sunset, soft blue evening sky rouged by the last sun rays.

Billy, good company!

A miniature, yellow Daylili adds a splash of gold to the green.

A splash of red from a Geranium. They do best in winter, but flower all year round.

This is a hardy, beautiful scented flower grown from bulbs.

Verbena bonariensis establishes herself by underground rhizomes.

Philodendron eruescents, "Red Emerald"

Vriesia happily waves her small, colourful hands.

A pathway through the "dschungel".

Aclepsia, Milkweed or Butterfly bush
provides food for the Monarch Butterfly.

Believe it or not:
Trees are the best monument that a man can erect to his memory. They speak his praises without flattery, and they are blessings to the children yet unborn
Lord Orrery 1707-1762


Barbara said... show all these lush colours, all these wonderful summer flowers (some of them also grow in my garden) and we will have snow again over the weekend. I'd like to change with you ;-) ! Dein Garten ist phantastisch, besuche ihn immer wieder gerne, da er auch so anders ist als meiner! Liebe Grüsse,

Titania said...

Barbara, thank you for your nice comment. Yes you are right, it is fun and interesting to see different gardens. I love to visit yours. It seems you have a long winter, lets hope spring comes soon with lots of sunshine.

Kerri said...

You have such glorious skies..and I love your descriptions of them :)
I feel I've just had a walk through your wonderful garden with you. I see those little hands of the vriesia waving :) What a lot of work it all must be. Do you have any helpers in the family?

Titania said...

Dear Kerri, you always find the right words. Thank you. No, Kerry I am on my own, that's why it is a bit wild. I work at least four days a week in the garden, many hours, but it keeps me really fit and I love it. Sommer is less work because it is to hot to work outside.I let it run...