Wednesday, 2 April 2008

A passion for fruit

A luminous morning, 6.15am.....

.... and candy floss at sunset.

Many fruits start to ripen through autumn and winter. Paw paw or Papaya, they bear fruit early in their life. This tree is only one year old, it is still small

Flower and small fruit of the female Pawpaw tree.
Pumpkin has found its way out of the vegetable garden and keeps copany with Zephiranthes candida, rain- or storm lili.
Flower of the Fruit Salad plant Monstera deliciosa.

Bananas are ripening.

Unripe Passionfruit

The first glow of a ripe Mandarin.
Early bird Mandarin starts to ripen.

Galahs are searching for the seeds of Tipuana Tipu.

Believe it or not: Colour summons up a feeling of life and energy.


Pippilotta said...

All these fruits in your garden, Papaya, Passionfruit, Banana,...
I'd like to live in a warmer country!
Every may, I plant my bananas in the garden and in november I have to bring them back to the house, I'll never get fruits, just enjoying the leaves. :-(

Thanks for your comment in my blog, I'll set a link to yours.

Chris said...

Hi, thanks for visiting. Wow! I agree, such exotic fruits :-) And one tree only a year old! Fantastic! Really interesting to see a garden on the other side of the world!

Kerri said...

Trudi, are all these fruits in your garden? So many...they're making my mouth water.
I never see passionfruit over here. How I miss them!
My mother had a monstera deliciosa in her garden. Isn't it an amazing flower? She had bananas too. And galahs, of course :)
I like that picture of Billy in the post above. I'm sure he is good company :)

Titania said...

Kerri, I am happy, that my garden brings you so many mmories of your mothers garden. Thank you for your nice words.