Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Flowers speak any language

This morning a forgetmenot blue sky with two black birds. I didn't think I got them on my picture as they were so fast, but...alas here they are!

A yellow rose in the garden for the blind people.

Plenty of Juniper berries were still ripening. Make your own GandT!

Silver Thistles.
Pink and red Geraniums, a house in the Toggenburg.

Cow bells have embroidery of swiss mountain flowers like Edelweiss and Enzian.

Hotel Schweizerhof on Lake Vierwaldstaetten had a wonderful display of Roses and window boxes filled to the brim with flowering plants.

Our hotel in the middle of Paris had the windows decorated with red Geraniums and Ivy.This is a really nice hotel to stay. The rooms are decorated with antiques and beautiful paintings of flowers.
An early "tasse au chocolat chaud" busy Gare de l'Est Paris, displaying greenery on the windowsills.

The bridges in Strassbourg France were planted with flowery, green and grey leaved plants, it looked so summery so it was already September.

In Loule, Algarve, I saw these small honey pots decorated with hand painted flowers.

In Silvias Loule garden was this fantastic palm displaying flowers of an intense orange.

Small blown glass flowers decorate a balcony on the Island of Murano.

Mainly the ornamental, wrought iron balconies are full of flowering pot plants.

This grand Palazzo has window boxes planted with red Geraniums.

The small balcony of this house looks lush with flowering plants in pots.

Believe it or not:
One of the most delightful things about a garden is the anticipation it provides. ~W.E. Johns, The Passing Show


Barbara said...

Wie vertraut mir viele dieser Bilder sind. Loule und die bunten Töpfchen gesehen in diesem Februar, das Toggenburg, Paris Gare de l'Est und der Vierwaldstättersee mit dem ehrwürdigen Hotel...alles Bilder, die Erinnerungen heraufbeschwören. You're right, flowers indeed speak any language and this is wonderful!
Have a nice weekend!

Titania said...

Dear Barbara, thank you for your nice comment. Yes, you are right pictures can bring all the memories back.

Kerri said...

How lovely to see photos of what looks like a wonderful trip! Is that you having a morning cup of hot chocolate? A friend brought us back one of those big cow bells from Switzerland a few years ago and it hangs by our back door. Now when I see it I'll think of you :)
Our weather has been glorious for gardening, but we badly need rain.

Titania said...

Thank you Kerri, it is always nice to hear from you. Yes, Kerri this is I pondering, should I have an other one! It is the same here, sun and hot and it dries out quickly.

Gorden & Planten said...

Anfang April war ich auch am Gare de l'Est in Paris. Bin mit dem TGV aus Deutschland zu einem Kurzurlaub nach Paris gefahren. Paris ist immer eine Reise wert.

Titania said...

Gorden und planten, thank you for your comment. Yes the TGV is fast!
Und du hast auch recht, Paris ist immer eine Reise wert.