Sunday, 13 April 2008


It is Sunday, come for a stroll in the garden.

The sky is cornflower blue, the sun is shining and a sweet fragrance drifts lazily....

Billy likes the morning sun. He wears his control collar. He has dug out himself under the fence and ran down to a busy road, a few times. He is not street wise! This collar doesn't hurt him it only gives a small signal if he goes to near to the fence. He learned it in two days. When I am with him he usually does not wear it.

Small pond where the family "Silver-Crane" visits for a spot of fishing.

A little view of the orchard, in front are Pawpaw trees.

Autumn is the time when Camellias start flowering. The Sasanquas are the first to bloom.

A pathway to the back garden. In front a pony tail and a golden Penda, a native Australian tree.

A tall Jacaranda spreads its shade in summer.

Fern garden shaded by a tall Poinciana tree with fiery flowers in summer.

Ferns, orchids, and bromeliads have harmoniously found a niche.

Hibiscus flower into winter.

Not to miss the Angelinas.

Drama Girl is the first of the Japonicas to show her big blooms, they are as big as a Reticulata Flower.

The pathway around the house.

Eliza is admiring her posy....

Now, what about a cup of Earl Grey Tea and a piece of a seriously, tasty fruitcake.

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Amy said...

Your garden is just fantastic, and sitting outside enjoying tea and dessert would be the "icing on the cake". We had our first day of truly warm weather today. I even saw people out walking in short and t-shirts. So strange to think that just a few days ago we had a snowstorm.

mike in ft pierce fl said...

Is that a Royal Palm along the walk way. That trunk looks very massive, what ever it is. What kind of palms are in your garden? I love stopping by and seeing the progress on your garden Trudi. Keep up the good work.

Titania said...

Amy, thank you for your message, I have left you a comment on your

Mike, thanks for your message. I have left a comment on your blog.

Barbara said...

I never say "no" to a cup of my favourite tea and a piece of cake! Walking around in your garden is a real treat. I like to see all these exotic flowers and trees which give me the impression of being in another world. Is the paradise looking like that???
Have a nice Sunday!
Liebi Grüessli, Barbara

Titania said...

Grazia fitg, Barbara (romanisch fuer vielen Dank.) Yes, most of the time it is paradise. After a lot of humidity and rain it is
"eine gruene Hoelle"! This morning it was sunny and the temps still go up to 28 C over midday, now its raining with thunder a storm in autumn. Take care.

Gardenista said...

I just love Camellia blooms, though I really have only seen a few of them in my life - in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Sometimes I wonder why I live in such a cold place! It looks so lush and wonderful there. On the other hand, my dog is enjoying the sunshine now - the dog sled and snow days are rapidly coming to a close.

titania said...

Gardenista, thank you for your message. In the cold climate you are probably more aware of the change of seasons and really enjoy the sun of spring and summer.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely garden! Being an American, I'll skip the tea and fruitcake! I'll have to stop back and read how long it's taken you to do this.

You get fruit in winter? Is it too hot and humid in summer? Very interesting reading.

And yes, it is cold where we live for about six months of the year. We are about halfway between the US and the Arctic. I'll probably be posting pictures of a wheat field tonight. It doesn't look much like a wheat field today! lol

Thanks for stopping by.

chey said...

Such a beautiful garden Trudi! Thanks so much for the tour!

Titania said...

byrningbunny thanks for the visit.
We can harvest fruit around the seasons. Summer Mangos and other tropical fruits. Winter is mainly Citrus, autumn we get persimmons. There is practical all the time something to harvest. We have many unusal fruits which are usually not available in the shops.

Titania said...

Chey thanks again for visiting and you are very welcome.