Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Summer Show;

In the afternoon the shadows bring mystery and coolness to the hot, sun washed garden.

Two summers ago I planted a Tibouchina grandiflora, it has grown into a sizeable bush with a display of huge, silky flowers.

Let us in....

My mystery climbing rose has put on a second flush, the summer is kind this year to my roses.

Sniff sniff...Billy is never far from where I am....

It looks like we are getting a nice crop of grapes.

Forgotten Glads pop up....

Every Summer the Ipomea horsfalliae puts up a show. All insects love this climber especially the tiny native bees.

Lagerstroemia indica grandiflora, is a sight to behold, the whole tree is like a huge bouquet of flowers.

I wish you all a very Happy New year and hope to meet again in 2009


Anonymous said...

awesome garden! happy new year :-)

Frances said...

Hi Titania, at first I thought your post was a rerun from last summer, but remembered you are in the throes of the warm season, lucky you! Those grapes are so abundant, and beautiful too. Have a wonderful new years and let us look forward to 2009 as the best year ever!

Roses and stuff said...

Titania, I'm stunned by the beauty of your garden! It's so nice to be able to enjoy your photos - especially this time of year when it's dark and cold here.
I wish you a very happy and healthy New year!

PS. My brother spending 3 weeks in Australia now - guess if I envy him...?

Pia K said...

Such a cute little Billy boy! And your yellow door looks very spiffy and inviting. Imagine to be able to grow your own grapes in the garden... such a treat.

Happy new year from Sweden!

Anonymous said...

As usual nice photos. The first photo was lovely. Best wishes for 2009.

Darla said...

The flowers are beautiful, the dog curious and the grapes, mm mm good! Great post!!

Darla said...

Oh yeah, love the yellow door!

Stuart said...

Your grapes are to die for Titania. Our vine has produced a few clusters this year but not as full as yours. Is this a white or red?

Northern Shade said...

Your grapes look great. I love the look of tree shadows on the lawn. I'm picturing a reclining chair there in the shadows, with a drink close by (something from the grapes?).
Your glads are an especially lovely surprise. Aren't half forgotten flowers in the garden fun?

tina said...

EXCELLENT crop of grapes. And your crepe is a big bouquet for sure. Have a Happy New Year-in the middle of summer!

Helga said...

danke für diese schönen Bilder. auch bei uns werden die Tage langsam länger und lassen uns vom Sommer träumen.
Ich wünsche dir und Deinen Lieben ein schönes und glückliches neues Jahr.

MedaM said...

Thank you for this wonderful summer show you shared with us. Winter is here; without snow but it is so cold. You can imagine how much I enjoyed your beautiful garden full of sun and wonderful flowers. By the way, Billy is so cute! My older son would love to have such a dog.
A Very Happy New Year to you too!

Fuchsienrot said...

Hallo Titania,
du bist zu beneiden! Ganz herrlich deine Gartenfotos...was freue ich mich da schon auf den Frühling und die neue Gartensaison bei uns. Ich wünsche dir und deiner Familie ebenfalls ein gutes und erfolgreiches Jahr 2009 und freue mich auf viele weitere Besuche hier bei dir.

Titania said...

Thank you Jules.

Thank you Frances, I am looking forward to your spring garden.

Katarina, thank you, not that long to go! He should drop in for a shandy,if he is visiting the Goldcoast.

Thanks Pia.

Thank you for your comments Raven and Darla.

Stuart this is a red Isabella and
it does not need spraying.

chaiselongue said...

The grapes look wonderful! And it's lovely to see your summer sun and shadows as we're in the middle of winter. Happy new year to you too. I'm looking forward to following your blog in 2009.

HaBseligkeiten said...

...bei -10C tun Deine schönen Sommerbilder richtig gut :)
Ich wünsche Dir und Deinen Lieben ein frohes und zufriedenes Neues Jahr, Heidi

Hort Log said...

Hi Trudi,

Have a joyful and prosperous new year !

Kirsten said...

Very nice gardenblog. Just found it accidentially and will stop by occasionally. My best wishes for 2009 from Switzerland to Down Under,

Kerri said...

It's always such a treat to stroll around your garden with you, with Billy for company, of course :)
Your door is so inviting. Let them in! :)
I especially love the ipomea horsfalliae, and what a beautiful photo you took of it!
The grapes will be a wonderful treat.
That crepe myrtle is magnificent!
I hope your Christmas was wonderful.
Wishing you joy and many blessings for the new year, dear Trudi.
Thanks for sharing your wonderful garden!

Regina said...

Hi Titania
ach... wie schön...ich wünschte es wäre bei uns auch schon wieder sommer
hier ist es sehr kalt.
ich wünsche dir für das jahr 2009
alles gute,vor allem gesundheit,glück
und zufriedenheit.
liebe grüße,regina

Judy said...

I love the trib... flower! The colours are so rich, and the sun shining through some of the petals to make shadows on others! And the stamens seem to be a darker shade of the same purple!
So many flowers, when all here is hibernating under a blanket of snow!
Thanks for sharing!

easygardener said...

Happy New Year to you too!
It's lovely to see flowers and I do admire the Tibouchina. It's such a lovely colour.

catmint said...

Hi Titania, this post contains beautiful photos, I feel I really relate to your aesthetic sensibility. I love your post in every way, and look forward to visits and communications in 2009.

I love Tibouchina but have never trusted it to survive the harsh regime I would put it through. I have grapes but they are like marbles unlike yours which are clearly lush and juicy. And ... and... gotta get back to my non virtual committments ... happy new year!!!!!!!

Julie said...

Titania: how much area does your garden cover? I am doing jobbies in my garden this holiday week. Good fun. I do love your garden, but I adore your yellow front door. Show me some more of your potted garden. I am just planning up some slanted wall pots with fuschia. Tough to get them started ...

Anonymous said...

Hi Titania

Such a lovely summer garden full of passion for plants and nature.

Billy looks very mischevious?

Best wishes for the new year.


Sue said...

What kind of dog is Billy? He looks like he enjoys being outside, like our Heidi does. Your flowers are very pretty. I like the last couple you showed the best, I think.

Happy New Year, if I haven't told you yet. :o)


Barbara said...

Also ein bisschen neidisch schaue ich schon auf deine bunte Blütenpracht und stelle mir dazu die passenden Temperaturen vor ;-) !! Es wird immer kälter bei uns, einen derart "richtigen" Winter hatten wir schon lange nicht mehr! Seit längerem betrachte ich meinen Garten nur noch durch die Scheiben ;-) !! Aber ich finde es auch schön mal "e chly z'hüsele"!!
Liebe Wintergrüsse in den Sommer,

Janie said...

I love your garden and its beautiful, exotic blooms. Makes me long for summer. Nice photos.

Hort Log said...

envious ....