Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Simply intriguing;

My Sky Sunday, 14. December 16.00 PM;

Gasteria flowers;


Euphorbia millii grown from seed;

Tibouchina Noelle has different coloured flowers;


The common name is Pride of India;

Australian native plant, Hibbertia scandens, also called Snake Vine. They are easily grown from seed.
Believe it or not:
When Napoleon,who had a mathematical brain, first saw the pyramids, he worked out that the cubic content of Cheops would be enough to build a ten-foot high wall round the whole of France!
Organic tip of the week; Strawberries;

Nutrition Info
Strawberries are well known for their high nutritional value and medicinal properties. Just eight strawberries daily provides more than 20% of the daily recommended folate intake for expectant mothers, and more vitamin C than an orange! They are also high in folic acid or folate. Folate is a water soluble B vitamin which helps prevent birth defects such as spina bifida in newborn babies. Strawberries are the richest fruit source of antioxidants after blueberries and cranberries. Strawberries are high in dietry fibre & one of the lowest calorie fruits available making them excellent as a dietary food. High in fibre pectin, they are antiviral and anticancer in general. They also benefit the cardiovascular system. They may cause allergies in some people.
Interesting Facts about Strawberries
Native forms of strawberries adapt to various climates and are indigenous to every major
continent except Africa, Australia and New Zealand. The fruit size of the very early strawberries was very small. Seventy per cent of a strawberry's roots are located in the top three inches of soil. Strawberries are the first fruit to ripen in the spring. One cup of strawberries is only 55 calories.

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Darla said...

What an interesting post, love the flower photos, the strawberry info, I am a huge vitamin nut and the little person seeing us out the door!

Barbarapc said...

Your sky looks like a piece of the earth photographed from outerspace - remarkable. And, those flowers - thanks for my winter flower fix!

Helga said...

Eine wunderschöne Blütenpracht zeigst Du uns da wieder. Bei unseren grauen Wetter könnte ich glatt neidisch werden.

Kanak Hagjer said...

Your sky shot is so unusual.. the wispy ends look almost spidery, very pretty! What can I say about your flowers Trudi? I have never seen or heard about many of them.
Love the colour of the snake vine bloom. And the last picture...cute!

Pia K said...

Lovely, the gasteria is my favourite with its bright pink shade! Cute little gnome boy too, looks like a Waldorf doll?

I prefer raspberries, and when possible wild strawberries, over strawberries, but all and all, they aren't half bad...;)

Titania said...

Darla thank you for your comment. The little person is "Schellenursli" from a famous Swiss children's book of the same

Thank you Barbara. On this Sunday the clouds were so excited all over the sky I don't know what all the fuss was about!

Komm mal rueber, Helga!

Hi Kanak, thanks for your visit, I am sure you know "Pride of India" I can't remember the Latin name so I have it somewhere on my blog.

Hi Pia, it is Schellenursli, an "old" schoolfriend bought it for me at the Heimatwerk in Zurich as a present as I have grown up in Grison where Ursli was born in a childrens book.
Yes, I love Raspberries. Here I buy them frozen from New Zealand.
Tiny, miniscule punnets with fresh berries are available for gold!
Strawberries I grow in my garden.

easygardener said...

Wonderful flowers and such a variety of colours. I like the Geranium, I'm a fan of varieties with narrow petals.

Pomona Belvedere said...

The gasteria flowers are subtly exotic, and I was also happy to see "Pride of India" (can't remember the botanical name either). I have seen it listed but never with a photo that let me get a good look. I enjoy being educated about more Australian natives, too. I'd known about the anticancer and vitamin C content of strawberries, but not the other health aspects--nice writeup. My favorite strawberries are the alpine ones, much smaller in size (a nice plateful for your doorkeeper), but larger in taste.

Sunita said...

TRudi, lovely sky watching over you now :)
I dont think I've ever seen or heard of Gasterias before.
The Pride of India dracaena is seen all over the place but I doubt whether anyone really takes pride in growing it. It is always the most difficult growers that have that honour. In India, it is invariably the rose ... an expert rose grower is crowned king/ queen of gardeners here in India.

Barbara said...

Wiederum ein bunter Augenschmaus, deine sommerlichen Blüten, liebe Titania. Ist diese Euphorbia millii eigentlich frosthart und leicht aus Samen zu ziehen? Ich habe erst vor kurzem angefangen die Euphorbien zu entdecken, bzw. zu mögen. Eine interessante Pflanze, da sie auch fast überall vorkommt. Wir versinken im Schnee, die Kinder freuts...die Autofahrer etwas weniger und da ich von beiden etwas in mir habe (;-) !), nehme ich es wie es ist (chas jo ou nid andersch ;-) !!).
Es liebs Grüessli nach down under!

ingrid said...

Hallo Titania,
ist das ein reizendes Kerlchen, das an deinem Schrank hängt; so liebevoll gearbeitet und ausgestattet. Danke für deine Kommentare,ich finde es immer wieder spannend an Erfahrungen anderer teilzunehmen.
Dir ein gesegnetes und frohes Weihnachtsfest

Titania said...

easygardener, thank you for your comment. This is a pretty zonal geranium. I the colder season the lime green leaves turn golden yellow with chocolate brown markings, zones.

Pomona Belevedere, I agree with you the tiny alpine strawberries have the best taste.

Thank you Sunita,that is so true we covet what is hard to grow and get. Instead being happy and covet all the easy to grow plants which don't give us much work, flower freely, don't need spraying... what more can I say?

Liebe Barbara, Ich danke dir fuer deinen Besuch, trotz dem vielen Schnee. Du hast eine gute Philosophy nimm es wie es kommt.
Die Euphorbias versamen sich meistens selber. Ich kann sie dann einfach versetzen.Es gibt eine grosse Auswahl, manche haben riesige Blueten. Sehr einfach sind Stecklinge. Man schneidet einfach ein Stueck ab, laesst es ein wenig antrocknen und pflanzt es in sandige Erde.

Liebe Ingrid, ich danke dir sehr fuer deinen Besuch.