Sunday, 13 September 2009

Spring, no it's not Tulips, it's a..

Beaumontia grandiflora;

Beaumontia grandiflora, an interesting rare perfumed plant which has wonderful large white flowers with a sweet tropical perfume. It is a vigorous woody climber which is native to the region from India to Vietnam and belongs to the same plant family (Apocynaceae) as Oleanders, Frangipanis and Mandevillas which typically bleed a white milky sap from cut stems.

Common name: Herald's Trumpet
Botanic name: Beaumontia grandiflora
Climate: Will grow best in the warmer zones of Australia, . It prefers sub-tropical and tropical conditions to thrive .

Strongly perfumed plant for the garden
Attractive foliage during cooler months of the year as well as large white flowers through spring .
Twining growth habit that needs support.

Believe it or not:
Home is a shelter from storms-all sorts of storms. William J.Bennett


The Galloping Gardener said...

What an amazing plant!!

Elfe said...

Helo Titania
Und gut riechen tut sie auch noch die wunderschöne Kletterpflanze. Gibt es die auch in rot?
Sie ähnelt einer Pflanze, die wir hier als Topfpflanze kaufen können, sie hat fast samtige Blütenblätter, allerdings ist mir noch nie speziell aufgefallen, dass sie duftet.
Liebe Grüsse nach Australien

ingrid said...

Immer wieder wunderbar, wie auf der anderen Seite unserer Erde Frühling wird, wenn es bei uns herbstelt!
Liebe Grüße

Jan said...

What a gorgeous plant. I am not familiar with this vine, but I would sure like to grow it. The flowers are spectacular. I love seeing new plants.

Always Growing

mrs.marcum said...

WOW! beautiful flower !
I found your blog as I was doing some research for my daughter's botany class.

Blessings, Deanna

diane said...

Wow. That's a beauty.

cherry said...

Miss Titania this is beautiful and I'm betting it smells like heaven !
have a wonderful day ~ hugs, Cherry

littlewing said...

Beautiful flower! I love the little spider in the last photo. I always wish I could smell the plants people post that are fragrant:)

Roses and stuff said...

Herald's trumpet - such a beauty!

eileeninmd said...

Wow Titania, what a beautiful plant. I would love to be able to smell the scent.
I planted a trumpet vine that has become a "cousin it" on the side of my deck. We have had it growing for 3-4 years now and it has not had a single trumpet bloom since we planted the vine. I'm sorry I did not find a different climbing vine, your is beautiful.

Mo said...

I can almost smell it from looking at your lovely pictures!

Pia K said...

it looks spectacular! and with a scent, almost too good to be true (as nature often is, and still humans seem to take such bad care of it...). it reminds me of the Xmas flower poinsetta.

Gail - Fort Rock Glimpses said...

I can only imagine the wonderful fragrance. It is a gorgeous flower. You are so lucky to have such a plethora of fantastic plants and flowers.

sweet bay said...

I haven't seen this plant before -- it sounds wonderful.

MedaM said...

If only I could smell those lovely flowers! They are as white as snow! Beautiful photos!

Thomas said...

Your garden is fascinating! It's always so interesting so see what grows in different parts of the world. Great photos!

Laura said...

I was in Amsterdam for the weekend .. oh, I saw fields of tulips and other flowers from the train. I visited the flower shopd and enjoyed it so much ..Believe it or not, I cam eback with plants for my deck in a bag!

Alice said...

What a fantastic plant that must be to see in full flower....they remind me of a big, frilly petticoat.

Pietro said...

Very fine pictures of the Herald's Trumpet!!

Ann said...

Isn't it lovely top have all the spring flowers?

The trouble is finding their names. I see so many kinds of flowers here.

Barbara said...

Und wiederum zeigst du eine wunderschöne, exotische Pflanze, deren Duft ich nur erahnen kann und die bei uns nicht erhältlich ist. Kunststück, bei unserem Klima. Werde aber trotzdem mal schauen, ob sie hier als Zimmerpflanze existiert (oder ist sie gar zu gross für den Innenbereich?).
Viele liebe Grüsse,

Kerri said...

You have so many wonderfully exotic plants in your garden!
I'd love to see it in person and smell the glorious perfume.
Happy spring, Trudi!

Helen said...

Wow. Beautiful, large and fragrant -- what a combination.

Congratulations on being a Blotanical awards finalist!

LadyLuz said...

What a stunning plant. I'll have to Google some tropical plant seed people to see if they have them.

Have a happy holiday, Titania.