Sunday, 6 September 2009

Designer Stuff!

The huge, gorgeous flower of the Pitaya fruit. Already folded up as they flower through the night to attract moths, bats and other night flying insects.

Coleus; Solenostemon is a colourful easy to grow plant. This one is new in my garden. I have never seen one with those iridescent green spots. Perhaps it is a mutation. Please click to see the full effect of the spots.

I like this bolt of silk; the rolled up leave of Colocasia esculenta.

Brushstrokes leaf on leaf; Prayer plant; Calathea amabilis; The above Stromanthe amabilis.

The gracefully curved stem of a leave of the huge and attractive Philodendron x evansii.

I found a pretty family of Mushrooms.

My knot garden!

Believe it or not:
It is great to be in the state of "otium cum dignitate"!


Roses and stuff said...

Your knot garden is intriguing! Did you 'design' it or is it natural?

diane said...

Beautiful pictures of beautiful plants in your garden. My poor garden is getting ignored while I sort out my holiday photos but i must get into it before the heat comes. My you use big words. I had to look up what otium cum dignitate meant.

A World in a PAN said...

Back in Paris I have found the plants in my deck, have cleaned, moved, changed pots ... and more. My though have been wandering in the realms of your beautiful garden and the pictures ofyour flowers yuo share with us.

Helga said...

Ich bin immer wieder beeindruckt von eurer Pflanzenvielfalt.Bei uns lässt sich schon wieder der herbst blicken.

Elfe said...

Von dem Knoten bin ganz beeindruckt liebe Titania, was die Natur so hervorbringt erstaunlich. Den Knoten kannst du wahrscheinlich nicht mehr auflösen, auch nicht mit Geduld *lächel*

Das finde ich auch mit "otium cum dignitate", doch ich musste erst mal googeln um die Bedeutung herauszufinden, hach ja es ist wunderschön im "Ehrenvollen Ruhestand"!
*Winke* Elfe

guild-rez said...

Wow..nice pictures
It is a walk through your garden, very interesting. The tree knot is great. Nature always surprises me.
What cought my eye? The mushroom picture!
Could it be Gem-studded Puffballs?
Lycoperdon perlatum?

Perhaps you can check your books in Australia?
Love to hear more about it.

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

Fancy! Thank you Titania!

lotusleaf said...

I came across your blog and found the pictures very special.I liked your knot.

Di said...

Titania, the photo of the Pitaya fruit blossom is stunning!!!!

sweet bay said...

I love seeing the tropical plants in your garden. Very beautiful!

Janie said...

I love all of your designer plants!
Interesting spots on your coleus.

Barbee' said...

Designer Stuff is a good title, what outstanding photos of beautiful and engaging plants.

Rowena said...

Just when my garden is dying out, yours is walking the fashion catwalk! Gorgeous photos, so full of life and color, it's what I'd imagine Eden to be like if Eve had to go and munch on that apple!

Stephanie said...

I really like that coleus leaf very much. Yes, the green spots are unique... like drops of paint fell on those leaves. Very nice description of your plants. Pitaya fruit is new to me :-) TQ for sharing.

Prospero said...

Hello Titania. I love the picture of the Pitaya fruit in flower. Here, we call it Dragon fruit. What color is your fruit.

Bonnie Bonsai said...

Good morning Titania. With so many blogs to visit I could hardly keep up.

Coleus plants come in many varieties. And yes, they are easy to grow being succulents. Some are decoratives and some are medicinals. The most popular medicinal specie is the read with semi elongated leaves. Good for treating bruises and wounds. In another blog it mentioned that it is also good for headaches and coughs.

I love the Calathea amabilis or Prayer plant. The contour of the leaves alone and the form of the ribs is quite interesting: leaves within a leaf.

It is from you that I learn most of the names of the plant.

If you allow me to copy the picture with their names on it, that's all what I am interested about.

I studied Pharmacognosy in my Pharmacy class and most of my knowledge are forgotten being out of practice.

Meanwhile, am not doing anything until I hear approval or disapproval from you.

I do find it hard to compare pictures in my Plant Encyclopedia because the pictures varies and that makes me so unsure. Even if I google them.

Thank you dear teacher.

Ah yes, I found a way to make things simple so it won't clog my hardware. I am going to include this in my blog comments to be safe. Hope you don't mind.

Pietro said...

You have a beautiful garden, Titania. I always enjoy your flower photos! I like the words Otium cum dignitate as well!
About your kind comment on my post, I'm not at all a mountain biker! :-)

Titania said...

Katarina; it sort of knotted itself!

Thank you Diane; the sorting of the photos and after the holiday I am sure your in the state of ocd!

Thanks Laura; it is fun too to look after your "deck"garden. what sort of plants do you mainly grow? I know you grow Camellias and Azaleas. Generally they do well in pots because they have a small fibrous root system. It is easy to fertilize and mulch.

Helga; der Herbst in Deutschland darf sich blicken lassen mit den bunten Blaetter. Danke fuer deinen Besuch.

Liebe Elfe, ja das ist fast ein Gordischer Knoten, den kann man nur noch mit der Saege oeffnen!Ich glaube ein Schwert genuegt nicht!
Ja, enjoy! den ehrenvollen Ruhestand, du hast ihn sicher verdient.

Gisela, I have send you a comment about the mushrooms.

Tayana thank you for your visit, why did you not stay for a cup of tea?

Sweetbay, thank you for your comment.

Thank you Di, yes, those flowers are amazing.

HappyMouffetard said...

Lots of textures and colours - lovely!

easygardener said...

You have some wonderful plants there. Night flowering plants are so fascinating - more mysterious somehow. The Colocasia looks like a yacht's sail rolled up!

Pia K said...

as usual it looks lovely and intriguing in your garden. how nice to see what a pitaya looks like, because that's the main ingredient in my favourite Swedish cough drop. along with strawberry pieces it forms a really lovely little sour throat/cough reliever.

hope you've had a sweet weekend!

Titania said...

A big thank you for all the comments;

Barbara said...

Endlich kann ich wieder Blogs besuchen, nachdem meine PC Probleme gelöst wurden (wurde gehackt und habe dann meinen blog blockiert und keine Besuche mehr gemacht) und sehe nun deinen "Designer Stuff". In der Tat, die gezeigten wunderschönen Pflanzen könnten wirklich Vorbild für Stoffcreationen sein. Inspirierend! Während dein Garten auf Hochform zuläuft und eine prächtige Farbenvielfalt zeigt, verabschiedet sich meiner langsam und taucht ins Herbstkleid ein. Ich geniesse diese warmen Farben, die sich überall nun bemerkbar machen.
Es liebs Grüessli,

best weight loss pills said...

The mushrooms are great! Looks safe for me.

wedding tulle said...

The Pitaya fruit flower is..HUGE! I have not seen in personal but I have heard praises for it.