Monday, 26 July 2010

My modest greenhouse;

All the cuttings are kept in this small greenhouse until they show healthy signs of growth.

There are mainly cuttings of Roses and Salvias, a pot full of special palm seeds and one pot I can't remember what sort of seeds I planted, so I have to wait and see! The clever thing to do would be writing a tag, sometimes I do. I said I will remember but now I don't! Ca c'est comme ca!
Cuttings of a tropical Salvia with big pink flowers and tall, weeping growth. They are ready to be planted out. My neighbour Virginia loves plants as much as I do and we always share some special ones. This one is one of hers, in return I gave her some cuttings of my tall, yellow Salvia.

Salvias ready to harden off.

A lovely pink sunrise makes the day; I wish you a nice one.

Believe it or not:
Donald Duck's middle name is Fauntleroy.

All Photos from my garden; TS


Mandy said...

I like your "modest greenhouse"...I've got the same one that I ordered last year to get my succulents through our winter. It worked like a charm! The only problem I foresee this year...I'll need to order another one!

Sunita said...

That's really handy, Trudi. I've seen orchid growers use the same to pamper tropical orchids in temperate conditions.
Does it keep bugs out too?

Floridagirl said...

I like your "modest" greenhouse! I could use one of those. It beats the pots I have sitting on a concrete slab exposed to the elements. It looks at least like it could keep weed seeds out and humidity levels high.

meemsnyc said...

I like your greenhouse. I need to get one of these!

Fuat Gencal said...

Çok güzel resimler, çok güzel bir paylaşım.


diane said...

My friend has a greenhouse like this and I have been looking for one in Bunnings but could only find much smaller ones. Where did you get it. Your Salvia sound interesting. I only have red and blue.....a tropical one...sounds interesting.

Stephanie said...

Nice little green house but I hope that's enough for your super green fingers ;-)

Nice sky as well. Have a great week!

Titania said...

Mandy, thank you for your visit. Yes, I could see this happen to me as well!

Sunita;Thank you, I think, if you do not bring them along with the plants it is pretty safe.

Floridagirl, they are cheap and do quite a good job, especially in our warmer climates.

Fuad, thank you for your visit.

Diane; I bought mine at "deals direct" or sold smart I am not sure any more,through the internet.
Perhaps you have to come and get a cutting!

Meemsnyc, good idea.

Stephanie, I hope so too!
Thank you to all for the comments.

Ann said...

Did you make the plastic cover over the shelving?

Once I made a plastic makeshift tent over my chilli plants. But a storm came and collapes the whole modest structure.

No more winter crops for me, I am too busy blogging.

Laura in Paris said...

Oh, don't be modest! Looks great!

lotusleaf said...

What an innovative idea! Iam going to follow it.

James Missier said...

Never thought one can do a lovely greenhouse like that. Does the plastic sheet work? I often thought only glass can retain moisture.
Thanks for sharing your idea.

Titania said...

Ann, the greenhouse comes with the plastic protection, it has zips to open and close.

Laura, thank you.

Lotusleaf it is such a simple idea that works well, I f you make a lot of cuttings you could haver a few of those, as they are so cheap.

James it retains the moisture and it is nice and warm inside. Mice and rats can not get at the planted seeds, seedlings or cuttings.

Thank you for your interest and comments.

antigonum cajan said...

Do you ever use rooting hormones?

I have found that certain things will not survive otherwise.

Until then...

Titania said...

antigonum cajan, yes I generally do use the rooting hormone powder when I make cuttings. You are right some can have difficulties making a callus without the powder. The time of year is also important to be successful.

easygardener said...

I like those greenhouses. I used to have three to supplement my main greenhouse in spring. Unfortunately strong winds have blown them away over the last 3 years and I have given up. It is not as if wind is a problem here but the only place to stand them was apparently a wind "hotspot"!

Babara said...

Du nennst dein "Gewächshaus" bescheiden? Weisst du wie mein Gewächshaus aussieht? Kleine umgestülpte Petflaschen in den einzelnen Anzuchtstöpfen! Dafür besitze ich "viele" Gewächshäuser ;-) !! Dich hätte ich gerne als Nachbarin, dann würde ich mit dir auch Sämlinge und Stecklinge tauschen :-) !! Schön, wenn zwei Nachbarinnen das gleiche Pflanzeninteresse besitzen.
Es liebs Grüessli,

Pietro said...

Very beautiful greenhouse, I enjoy it!

chars gardening said...

I have tried to root roses but have had no luck, is there a trick to it or maybe something I have not tried?