Tuesday, 13 July 2010

The cool season;

Native Alexandra Palm, Archontophoenix alexandrea; the  leaves look lovely against the blue of the winter sky. The leaves are very attractive as the underside has a silvery sheen. The ripe red seeds look like a pretty necklace. I like everything about this palm as it also looks splendid when it flowers. Habitat central to northern Queensland.

Bougainvillea Pedro is a Bambino. From time to time Pedro throws out its arms covered in flowers, or actually colourful bracts as the real flowers are tiny, white and star like.From time to time I prune it severely to keep it in check.

I do like the foliage of Tibouchina urvilleana, it nearly flowers all year round but there is a short spell when one can admire the foliage because the big blue flowers always steal the show. The foliage is pleated, silvery hirsute.

I always admired and loved the  zonal geranium. This yellow  green one has reddish brown zones in the cool season. It also bears orange coloured flowers which look attractive with the yellow green leaves. This plant has hybridised and sports now pink flowers.

Crown of Thorns are easy and attractive plants to grow. This one has very big flowers and also lots of them. It flowers for most of the year. Just starting now again. Easily propagated from stem cuttings which have to be let to dry before planting, because they bleed a white milk.

My all time favourites in winter are the carnations. This kind is the only one which does really well in my area, especially planted  in pots and baskets. The scent is delightful.

Ardisia a fantastic plant; no diseases always looking spic and span. Very attractive with shiny and wavy  green  leaves and lustrous red berries (not edible).

In the cool season the roses rejoice from the summer's heat. This one is Pink Peace. In summer it hibernates barely able to produce a flower.

I hope you enjoyed my cool season's plant choice.

Believe it or not:
The nymph Chloris was persued by Zephyrus, the West Wind, who then violated her. To atone  his deed he married her and transformed her into Flora, Mistress of all the flowers.


Sunita said...

That Ardisia looks so colourful! Perfect for a cool weather plant, I think. To my mind, a cool weather plant looks even better with fiery blooms / berries to counterbalance the weather.
Bougainvilleas are great cool weather stand-bys in my garden too.

diane said...

I recognise some of those. They are all looking beautiful. The carnations are sweet. We are lucky to have flowers all year round.

Floridagirl said...

I've said it before, I'll say it again. You have the most amazing native plants! That palm is beautiful! And that American native, the bougainvillea, is splendid as well. Love the colors of 'Pedro'! I do recognize those hairy leaves of tibouchina, though I prefer the flowers, for sure. My tibouchinas were damaged the last two (horrid) winters, but they are tough plants and bounce right back.

lotusleaf said...

The palm flowers indeed look like coral necklaces. The carnations we get here are all hibridised, and have no smell. Oh, I do miss the clove scented carnations of my childhood!

Helga said...

Was für eine herrliche Farbenpracht.
Liebe Grüsse

Stephanie said...

I love that Ardisia Titania! I saw a small plant that looks like it once and regretted not buying it. Now I regret more! The berries... oh when I see it again, I must get it...

My carnation is wiped down by a heavy rain. Now slowly growing back ;-)

MedaM said...

I completely enjoyed your cool season’s plant choice. Every plant is beautiful and interesting in its own way. It is interesting that among all those stunning flowers and plants the carnations are yours favourites in winter. (“winter”...I immediately imagined our cold and snowy winters:-)). I too love them very much and their lovely smells.
Thank you, Titania very much for visiting my blog and for your comment. I agree with you completely.

Costea Andrea Mihai said...

beautiful colors!! regards

Ann said...

Thank you for the zonal geranium photo. I took a photo recently, but didn't know the name.

You are so creative, the palm leaf is so beautiful.

dining room set said...

I was very fascinated with the first picture. Is that coconuts leaves? The shot is so great. It is just leaves but it is the wonderful picture in your blog.

Pia K said...

such abundance and colours and this is what you call the cool season...:) looks lovely, as always. happy weekend!