Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Winter Sparklers;










Photos TS

Believe it or not: He is the happiest, be he king or peasant, who finds peace in his home.
J.W.Goethe 1749-1832


Darla said...

Beautiful photos!!

MedaM said...

Titania, this is really beautiful collection of various flowers.
I like the leaves of Croton very much. Its leaves are so beautiful and decorated and they look like flame on the sun light.
As for the Fennel, I think I have the same plant or it is maybe similar to the plant that I too have in my garden. :-) It really looks so special after the rain.
Your Camellia and Poinsettia are really gorgeous. The Poinsettia photo is especially beautiful. Hibiscus looks so sad because of the rain. I am impressed with Cordyline flower; with its shape and special colour.
I like white flowers of Archidatea which petals are full of droplets. This beautiful flower against the dark background makes really attractive photo. I also like Agave leaf on the last photo covered with droplets. Thanks for sharing this lovely post. I really enjoyed it.

Prospero said...

I really like Croton, as you do. They are so colorful, yet the reddish ones, as you photographed, are clearly my favorite. The almost florescent hues of red Cordyline also really enchant me. Do you grow your Poinsettias in a pot or our in the landscape?

My fennel is a blessing (love the smell of the crushed leaves) and a curse (really difficult to pull the long roots if they get away to parts of the garden where they are unwanted). Same with you?

Your winters are very much like mine (reversed, of course) - but still much the same. Thanks for the tour, Titania.

NatureStop said...

Such beautiful blooms.Really liked the Poinsettia.

Sunita said...

Your winter, my summer. One thing in common, though. I'm expecting rains too any day now. It can't be as much fun for you in winter, though.

Pia K said...

And that's suppose to be winter?? Gosh, that's different, and beautiful, as usual. Have a good week!

sweet bay said...

A beautiful collection of plants. When I saw the word Croton, I immediately thought of Alabama Croton, quite a different plant...

Up in the Northern Hemisphere, it's quite hot today!

Titania said...

Thank you Darla for your visit.

Medam, thank you for your appreciation of my photography. the Fennel is in the veggie garden and grows a bulb as vegetable, delicious. I am sure you know it too.

Prospero Thank you for your comment. I grow Poinsettias in the garden. I usually cut them back in late spring. Every year a few more colours are added but my all time fave is the red one.
This Fennel grows a bulb in the vegetable garden. You are right they have enormous roots and not much will grow near it.

Nature Stop thank you for your comment.

Sunita you are right the rainy day in winter are bleak and chilly and not much fun, unless it leaves me time to blog!

Thanks Pia, the same to you.

Sweet bay, thank you for your visit. Your garden must be nice and cool in the hot weather with all its shady trees.

Janie said...

Beautiful flowers, beautifully photographed. I like the quote, too. If we can't find peace and beauty in our own homes and hearts, we probably won't find it elsewhere.

Lara said...

beautiful flowers! the dew drops on the leaves are amazing!

D'Rimba said...

Wowwwww so amazing, make my heart always peaceful all this kind of greeny and colourful plant. I love your natural photo so much.

D'Rimba said...

Come to me the peaceful greeny to make me be somebody.

Hua said...

Hi Titania,

Gorgeous photos. Thanks for sharing them.

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diane said...

Love all your shots of flowers. The cordelyne are especially bright at this time of the year.
I planted bamboo at my last house but regretted it because it grw so fast and took over the back yard.
We had to dig it all out. It took ages.

easygardener said...

What startling colours - the colour of the Cordyline is unbelievable!

Ann said...

The pink of the Cordyline is so beautiful.

You have a way fo taking the photos. Even when you take the stem of the orchid plants. My parents used to grow orchids, I don't because they take so much work, and take so long to bloom. Thanks for memories.

You are welcomed to coem here for a visit and even to stay. The weather is less harsh here. My sisters who live in Oz, says the lush green is so good to the eye.

lazyclick said...

Lovely snaps

Danielle said...

These are great photos! So interesting to see some of the plants I use alive. I use fennel and agave. Pretty plants.

LadyLuz said...

So that's what that whispy plant with an aniseed smell is at the bottom of the garden - fennel. Love the post with my favourite colour - all the greens. And was very interested to read about all the uses for bamboo. Thankyou Titania.