Friday, 5 June 2009

SkyWatch Friday; Morning;

Storm clouds gathering in the east...

rosy hues enhancing the morning sky in the north.

The tightrope walker has not yet arrived for his morning performance.

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Darla said...

Love those powerlines, got 'em in my photos too. Your photos are great!

Pietro said...

Two very fine pictures, Titania!
For Sky Watch I have the same problem as you have: I can't get out any more from "" and must swith off Internet Explorer! More, Mr. Linky doesn't work at all, I have to register again but I cannot!!
Have a nice weekend!

Prospero said...

Hi Titania. Great sky. It's kind of hard to expunge all traces of humankind, even in our nature shots!
When are your Annonas mature in Australia? February?

erin said...

a good friday to you titania...
like the sweeping clouds in the second shot and the power lines mimicing them or is it vice-versa?
have a wonderful weekend.

sweet bay said...

Lovely pictures. I always enjoy your SkyWatch Fridays.

Kanak Hagjer said...

The hues are lovely. I personally don't like the powerlines within the frame but here, along with your description...I'm's all right to have those lines!! Great shots!

Titania said...

Thanks Darla.

Pietro, thank you for your comment, I tried and tried now I go and try again, I hope it works!

Prospero, Yes I was not that keen to have them. Our Anonas ripen in winter, July here. Thank you for your visit.

Thank you Erin, a good weekend to you.

Sweetbay thank you for your comment.

Thank you Kanak, yes power lines are a bit a nuisance, they should be underground! But thanks for accepting them for my tightrope walker!

fishing guy said...

Titania: Neat photos for SWF, there are a lot of problems with SWF this week and I think Mr. Linky needs to fix them. I was unable to link.

vincibene said...

Two wonderful pictures!