Saturday, 9 August 2008


My Bloglist in Blogroll doesn't work properly.

A fault notice comes up 6x-tjx1xj

I have read in "Bloggers Help Center" many have the same problem. But nothing is done about it.
So Bloggerteam come forward and fix this problem please!


Ewa said...

I also had serius problems with it yesterday - but today it seems fixed :) the google fairies came and fixed it.

Titania said...

Thanks Ewa. It seems mine works too. Perhaps the Google fairies have heard my cry for help! It was bad for nearly a week, very annoying it was.

Pia K said...

Ah, this is always a dilemma with free (internet) services that you come to rely on in different ways. On the one hand it is free of charge which limits the justification of demands we might have when things doesn't work as they should.

On the other hand it really bugs most of us when there's no easy way to get in touch with "those in charge" and get *instant* support instead you're forced to all this timeconsuming - and rarely very efficient or problem-solving - detours like DIY "help" centers or discussion groups... Sigh.

Titania said...

Thanks Pia, you are right. I tried for a week and nothing happened. It was very frustrating. As soon as I had it posted, it worked again.)
I have never been successful with either...sigh.