Monday, 26 April 2010

Dreams of spring and summer;

Flowers of Lagerstroemia grandiflora and the buds of climbing Alamanda violacea;

Emerging Canna flower;

Hemerocallis seedling from the garden;

The lovely Pentas;

Summerfruit; Mangoes;

Pink Catharanthus and Peruvian Morningglory suit each other;

Pretty sky blue Salvia uliginosa;

Hippeastrum Seedpods;

Tibouchina Noelle and Thevetia;

Tiny Chinese Rose Apple Blossom;


Fallen blossoms;

Believe it or not:
Freud's theory of the unconscious with respect to dream interpretation. Dreams, in Freud's view, were all forms of "wish-fulfillment" — attempts by the unconscious to resolve a conflict of some sort, whether something recent or something from the recesses of the past .

The Interpretation of Dreams is a book by psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud. The first edition (in German, and bearing the title Die Traumdeutung) was published in November 1899 (post-dated as 1900 by the publisher). The book inaugurated the theory of Freudian dream analysis, which activity Freud famously described as "the royal road to the understanding of unconscious mental processes."


Fibius said...

Awwww Mango Trees ... in my country they can't live, We've too cold winters but others plants can ;-) I have a lot of hippeastrum (in polish Zwartnica) and Hermenocalis (Liliowiec) :P
Good luck in breed them ;-)

James Missier said...

Love all those lushful colours of your garden flowers.
Sure you are going to enjoy those delicious mangoes...

Helga said...

Lecker,Mangos.Bei uns sind sie meist ziemlich geschmacklos und noch unreif.So frisch und reif, einfach ein Genus.
Liebe Grüsse

Christine B. said...

I don't think any of those plants would live in my garden, what would Freud say about me dreaming of a warmer zone?

Christine in Alaska

April said...

I was delighted to see all your beautiful flowers. And the Mango tree too!

Also liked the piece about dreaming.

Ami said...

Oh, my! Those mangos on the tree make me mouth-watering! Love love that Lagerstroemia grandiflora and Alamanda violacea. That color is so beautiful! Your pentas look very lush and pretty.

Kathy said...

I'm not good with scientific names but I can tell the pink catharanthus is what we call vinca (periwinkle) here. There is no mistaking those leaves. They are about the only flowers that will survive our summers (112 - to sometimes 120). I do love the pentas also.

Carla said...

Oh your garden is so lovely! I really like salvias and the light blue uliginosa is so pretty. I do not have that one. Most of mine are darker blue/purple. I guess this means I need to make a trip to the nursery! Yay! I love Pentas too and so do the butterflies and hummingbirds.

Thank you for visiting my blog again. I have not seen the roadrunner this week. Maybe he/she is nesting. I am a little worried that it might want to eat baby birds. We have some Dove's and a few others that nest in the citrus trees.

Bernie said...

It's such a great time of year here while we're wishing for spring and summer ... and you've got so many beautiful blooms already showing their beauty. I just love the tibouchina and that salvia ... gorgeous colours.

Stephanie said...

Those pink Catharanthus and Peruvian Morningglory really suited each other well!... they look so lovely together.

I am surprise to see those mangoes. They look as good as the flowers. Love to have a bite he he...

diane said...

It is great to see all the beautiful blooms even at the end of summer. You have a love garden. I have some of those too but I can't remember scientific names...doh!

guild-rez said...

Dreams, in Freud's view, were all forms of "wish-fulfillment" — attempts by the unconscious to resolve a conflict of some sort, whether something recent or something from the recesses of the past .
I agree..
Great pictures!!

sweet bay said...

So many beautiful images. I love the picture of the lavender Crape Myrtle with the buds of Alamanda violacea; such a wonderful combination. I love the Pentas too, such a vivid pink, and the Mangoes look both beautiful and delicious.

As I say, so many of these images are wonderful! I was also particularly struck by the soft shades of Tibouchina Noelle and the image of the fallen petals in water.

Babara said...

Beim Anschauen einiger deiner Fotos habe ich fast einen kleinen neidischen Blick bekommen, liebe Trudi. Angefangen bei der Farbe der wunderschönen Taglilie (ich mag diese pflegeleichten Pflanzen sehr und meine Sammlung wird jedes Jahr grösser), dann weiter zu den hübschen Pentas (für mich unbekannt)und zu den gluschtigen Mangos, die ich ganz selten hier kaufe, seitdem ich weiss wie gut sie in den Ländern schmecken, wo sie auch wachsen. Dann weckt mir deine Rose auch die Vorfreude auf meine eigenen, die jetzt die ersten Blätter zeigen. Und einmal mehr denke ich, wir hätten damals auch nach Australien auswandern sollen ;-) !!
Sei ganz lieb gegrüsst,

noel said...

aloha titania,

i'm ready to pluck a few of your delicious looking mangoes all the tropical colors

btw, the hot, loud and proud meme is going on again at the end of this month, so i hope you can join us, please, it will be on my plantfanatic blog this friday.

eden said...

Gorgeous blooms. I love your mangoes. I have 2 growing at my backyard but doesn't flower yet.

Pia K said...

it looks fantastic! as usual. all those colours make me so happy (and thinking that garden of mine will look, hopefully, something not so smilar but quite quite lovely and green just the same).

Andrea said...
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Andrea said...

Hi i am new here, just followed your comment from Noel's. Those Lagerstroemeia are so prolific and beautiful, but i specifically choose your Hippeastrum. We dont have many variations of them here, i only have the orange, and i think i love that one. Happy weekend.

Maria said...

The flowers and their colours are sooo beautiful! I'd also love to taste your mangoes!
Have a nice week!

Sunita said...

Such lovely photos, Trudi but I especially loved the last one of the blossoms in the water. It almost seems to have a story waiting to be told. And the lagerstromia ... I think you know very well by now just how much I love it. I cant seem to stop posting about it! ;D