Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Sun washed flowers;

End of summer provides a riot of colour.

All these plants are never watered by hand only by rain. Please click the pictures;

Daylily Street Urchin;

Spider daylily "Neva";

Cryptostegia grandiflora;

Daylily Jean Taylor is very floriferous;

Tibouchina; one of many different ones.

Daylily Egyptian Ibis; in spring the flowers are darker nearly a mauve.

Cassia fistula a dazzler;

Calliandra never misses a flower;

Russelia a red tumbler;
Zephyrantes comes into its own after a storm, also called storm lily.

This Tecoma has a subtle yellow which fits well everywhere;

Portulac a little self seeder, conveniently into a pot!

Believe it or not: Where the sun touches a thousand diamonds sparkle!


Ann said...

When I was young, we love it when the Cassia fistula flowers get blown by the strong wind just before it rains. We rush around trying to catch the flowers.

You have shown us such beautiful flowers.

Bernie said...

You have some lovely Hemerocallis and I love that shot of the Zephyrantes! All these plants are doing so well ... you must have got some rain over the summer.

D said...

I feel quite summery after those pictures. It's lovely to imagine you having warm weather on your side of the world. I am getting vicarious enjoyment!

easygardener said...

D said! - Sorry - didn't sign myself in properly for the previous comment.

Floridagirl said...

Beautiful flowers! I have so many of the same flowers in my garden...powderpuffs, daylilies, tibouchina, rain lilies, bougainvilleas. It's so weird to see daylilies in bloom in February!

Titania said...

Ann, thanks for your visit. Here too the flowers fall like little saucers of gold when the wind blows!

Bernie, we had a very dry spring this year, fortunately we got enough rain now. We have clay soil which holds moisture for a long time. When it is dry for a long time big cracks appear which fill with water when it rains and close
until the next draught.

Denise, not that long and spring is on its way in your garden!

Floridagirl, it is interesting to see how the same plants thrive in a different country. I always forget that we are different!

sweet bay said...

These beautiful flowers are such a welcome sight right now -- here all is rain and mud. I love your daylilies.

Ami said...

I found the way to your garden through FloridaGirl's blog. What a wonderful discovery! Love your day lilies! Now I need to find some for my zone10 garden...

Stephanie said...

Oh how I wish my plants could depend on rain water only. I have to ensure they have water to 'drink' every day - all in containers and under the hot weather here.

Your Daylilies are beautiful! I like that Russelia also. What a beautiful garden you have! And a big one too :-D

Callie said...

I forget sometimes that you have summer and lovely flowers while we have our winter. Great photos!

diane said...

beautiful flowers as always. The one you called a storm lilly looks like the one I have on my post but I thought it was a crocus. I guess I'm wrong. Will you check it out for me, please?

NellJean said...

Lovely pics. I think that Neva daylily is available here, I need a spider.

HappyMouffetard said...

It's so lovely to be able to see your beautiful summer flowers in full bloom. I'm waiting patiently for the first crocuses to flower here, so to see your flowers is wonderful. Thank you!

MedaM said...

It is amazing what beautiful flowers you have in your own garden. I am surprised that all these lovely plants are watered only by rain. I tried to choose my favourites but I cannot. I simply love them all. It is warm and sunny there, lucky you.:-) But it is warm in my home too. Can you here fire cracking in my stove? :-))

Titania said...

Bernie, I meant to write drought!

Sweetbay, I am looking forward seeing your great garden in spring, it will be again a feast for the eyes.

Hi Amy; thank you for visiting and comment. I will "hop" over into your garden!

Sterphanie; I have to water my plants in the pots, the evaporation is much greater and most of my pots are terracotta, which dry out quickly in the hot summer days.

Callie thanks for stopping by.

Diane, thank you for your visit, certainly I come and have a look.

Nell Jean; I like the spiders too, some have turned petals, very pretty. I think this one is called Lady Neva.

Callie said...

I enjoyed your lovely flowers. What a beautiful garden.

Elfe said...

Was für eine Farbenpracht liebe Titania! Bei Euch naht das Sommerende und wir versinken im Weiss in Europa, lange kann es nicht mehr dauern bis der Frühling kommt.
Schönes Wochenende und liebe Grüsse

Babara said...

Deine diversen schönen Taglilien lassen mich gerade etwas ungeduldig auf meine im Herbst neugepflanzten Sorten "plangen"....hesch mi richtig gluschtig gmacht mit dene schöne Bilder :-) !! Ich bin ja sehr gespannt, was alles unseren diesjährigen wirklich sehr frostigen Winter überlebt hat. Die Sonne haben wir übrigens schon ein paar Tage nicht mehr gesehen und demzufolge auch keine glitzernden Diamanten entdeckt. Aber irgendwann blüht es auch bei uns wieder und wird sich die Sonne zeigen.
Herzliche Wochenendgrüsse,

Anonymous said...

Trudi, another beautiful set of pictures! What a pleasure to come and see the gorgeous blooms from your garden. Dayliles aren't blooming here now. Yours are exceptionally pretty!

Karly said...

You have some lovely plants here Titania! I particularly love your daylilies and photos of your natives from earlier posts.
We've been thoroughly parched here in Canberra but then in the past two days we've had 50mm of rain. This is great generally but I just lost the majority of my tomatoes and a grevillea that just couldn't take the rain after drought. :-(
Looks like yours survived beautifully though!

Laura in Paris said...

Youflowers have brought a little sunshine in our cold Parisian winter!

Titania said...

Callie, thank you.

Elfe, Ich danke dir sehr fuer deine Besuche und deine liebenswerten Kommentare. Ja, etwas ist sicher der Fruehling kommt bestimmt. Es war sicher ein richtiger, weisser Winter.

Mouffetard Thank you for your comment.
Hi Meda, I am sure it keeps you warm and cosy.

Barbara thank you for your comment. I am looking forward seeing your new Daylilies.

Kanak thank you for your visit.

Karly I am so glad you got some good rainfall. It can happen that after so much rain some plants can not cope with the wet, when they have survived the dryness for a long time. I have experienced that too.

Janie said...

Beautiful flowers! You have a wonderful variety.

Jan (Thanks For Today) said...

Wow, these are all gorgeous! It is so nice to see so many blooms because right now, we've got several feet of snow covering everything...all green bushes included! Love the lilies, and the blooming bushes...just lovely!

Siru said...

Lovely flowers. :)

Pia K said...

what a colour feast, as well as treat for eyes and soul. i don't think we can enjoy all these species at once (or at all) in a private garden in sweden. the climate says no, but indoors botanical gardens luckily says yes:)