Monday, 11 January 2010

The orchard provides...

Mangoes "Tommy Atkins are the first to ripen.
When the bats or possums are starting to eat them we know they are ready to be harvested.
This year is a very good Mango Year. We gave also full buckets to our neighbours.

This tree bears Banana Jack Mangoes.

Mangoes Tommy Atkins.
We grow many different kinds of Mangoes. E2R2; Kwan; Keitt; Nam doc mei; Pico and more.

The grapes ripen after Christmas through January. This is a Isabella, which does not need to be sprayed. Grapes must be pruned end of August.

Jaboticaba tree crops four times a year. We eat the fruit fresh from the tree. It has a sweet pulp inside the black skin which we do not eat as it has a bitter taste. Pop the whole fruit into the mouth and spit out the skin.

Bananas and Papayas, here they are called Papaws, are easy to grow. Who has taken a bite out from the papaw? Probably A bird, Possum or a rat!

Believe it or not:
A table, a chair. a bowl of fruit and a violin; what else does a man need to be happy?
Albert Einstein Physicist


Helga said...

Das hat schon was.Bei Dir die leckeren Früchte und bei uns das Schneechaos.
Liebe Grüsse aus dem verschneiten Bremen

Bangchik said...

Lovely grapes and mangoes. ~bangchik

Carol said...

I am in awe of your harvest! Your orchard provides you very well indeed! I must at some time in my life eat a mango fresh picked from an orchard such as yours Titania. Your photos are delicious.

Nell Jean said...

Mangoes are one of my fav fruits, growing a few hundred miles south of here, so I'll not get to pick one off the tree.

Next month is time to prune grapevines here in the US. Thank you for the reminder.

lotusleaf said...

Mangoes in January! too tempting. The black berry is new to me. I too get bananas and papayas. Have a good harvest!

Janie said...

Nice Einstein quote!
The photos of your fresh fruit are mouth watering!
You must have plenty of healthy eating in your home.

Christine B. said...

Mangoes, bananas, and papayas? Oh my! I can only dream of such a harvest. Your mangoes looked very tempting!

Christine in Alaska

Nicole said...

Yummy! Those fruit look delectable, especially the mangoes,my favourite fruit-lucky you!

ingrid said...

Welch tolle Auswahl an Früchten, liebe Titania.
Und ich genieße stattdessen die eingefrorenen Himbeeren vom letzten Sommer! Liebe Grüße aus dem tiefen

sweet bay said...

You grow a lot of fruits! They look beautiful. We can only dream of growing most of those things here.

Titania said...

Danke Helga, Das ist mal ein richtiger Winter, I erinnere mich an viel Schnee, aber dann lebte ich in den Bergen! Es ist sicher auch aml schoen Bremen im Schnee zu sehen. Die Kinder haben sicher den Plausch.

Thank you for the visit, Bangchik.

Caro; thank you for your comment. Yes fruit fresh from the Orchard taste different.

Nell Jean, Yes I guess it is a bit far to pluck them from the tree.
Yesterday I gave some to the postman, as he is always nice and cheerful and drives up to the house
to bring the parcels. He said:" he plucked two M. in the valley and left them at home outside on the table. When he wanted to get them the Possums were first."

Lotusleaf, In earlier times people were more inclined to plant fruit trees in their home gardens. Good on you.

Thanks Janie; yes this is the case, when you grow it you eat it! and it is a pleasure too!

Christine, I guess the growing season is very short in Alaska.
I can not imagine how it is to buy all the vegetables and fruit. It is probably also very expensive.

Nicole; most people love Mangoes, we do too!

Ingrid, Himbeeren sind meine lieblings Beeren. Ich kaufe sie gefroren von Neuseeland, sie wachsen leider nicht im Garten.

Sweetbay, you have a big and beautiful garden, are you growing some fruit trees?

Di said...

Such a beautiful harvest! Sadly, we must wait another 5-6 months. :)

easygardener said...

I love Mangoes though the average red and green ones from the supermarket are fairly boring. We tend to go for the Alphonso and Kesar ones when they are available over here.

Carletta said...

To have fresh fruit from one's own garden - yummy!
Those grapes look so lush and healthy.
A mouth-watering post!

Sisah said...

Wenn ich das sehe werde ich ziemlich neidisch...Mangoernte im eigenen Garten....wech tropische Fülle! Wird diese reiche Ernte eigentlich in irgendeiner Form auch konserviert, ich denke da an einmachen, Marmelade zuberiten und dergleichen.

cieldequimper said...

So delightfully exotic in the French winter! ;-)

diane said...

An amazing harvest. You must work hard in your garden and orchard to grow such healthy looking specimens, especially with the bats and insects wanting to help you eat them. Well done!I tried one of those black fruits and didn't like it but now I realise I should have discarded the skin.

Pia K said...

ah you know i'm so jealous of all your garden wonders already! this was just such a wonderful luscious vitamin bursting post, goodness divine. lucky, lucky you and well done:)

Tabib said...

Yummy, love that sweet mangoo.
Please sent some to Malaysia! ;)

Ann said...

If my plane crashed, and I jumped out and landed in your garden full of mango, I might mistake that I have landed in heaven.

Such wonder frutis and your photo just makes me wish I live in Australia.

In today's newspaper, there is a write up about rotting mangoes, such a waste.

The black fruit, I haven't had them. I had the black icecream fruit. (I didn't like them)

The Rainforest Gardener said...

I have to find a jaboticaba tree of my own, especially since they flower and fruit on old wood because new wood might die back in frosts. I have read they taste and feel like muscadine grapes, which are eaten the same way.

Patrick Gracewood said...

Just looking at your lovely mangoes will have to suffice, since they don't grow in Oregon. But will console myself with some pears in ginger sauce, put up in the fall. So cool to be able to see what you can grow in January!

Kerri said...

What a marvelous orchard you have! My mouth is watering at the thought of all that delicious fruit, expecially the mangos. I haven't seen the Jaboticaba fruit before.
How lovely to have your own bananas fresh from the tree.
I also enjoyed seeing the flowering Fishtail Palm...another thing I haven't seen before.
What a wonderful gardener you are :)

J.C. said...

It's really fascinating to see what's growing or fruiting in your graden!

goji berries said...

These mangoes are just amazing!

baby clothes said...

JABOTICABA! We have tons of these fruits in our little farm..I just love how they taste and the colour you get after!

free wifi said...

Your mangoes are really pretty! I wonder ow they taste!