Saturday, 15 August 2009

Praise the Iceberg Rose;

Fee des neiges;
the names of this fabulous floribunda Rose; Kordes Germany 1958

Growing in my garden....everywhere....between other plants.

Many are grown from semi-ripe cuttings in winter.

Some grow in pots in the herb garden.

The Iceberg Rose is well known for its vigorous growth and prolific flowering habit. It grows into a neat bush and produces lovely pure white flowers in large clusters all year round in my climate zone 11. If you are looking for a rose which will reliably provide repeating flushes of white blooms I can highly recommend this rose.

Disease resistance is good. Blackspot may make an appearance now and again, although rarely to the detriment of the plant.

Prune to encourage new growth, Water regularly and deeply. Feed with blood and bone and keep well mulched.

Believe it or not:
Roses are red. Violets are blue. Angels in heaven remind me of you!


Dörte said...

Wundervoll, Schneewittchen. Diese Rose wächst in meinem Garten wie eine Hecke und das Beet ist umgeben vom Lavendel. Ich liebe es!
Kordes-Rosen ist meine Heimatstadt.

liebe Grüße Dörte

Anonymous said...

simply beautifully captured shots....lovely!

Midlife Jobhunter said...

oh how lucky you are to have flowers blooming. Our drought has taken away my blooms. Once in a while a pathetic geranium. However, my 32 year old cactus did just put out 3 blossoms.

Roses and stuff said...

It is a great rose and you've captured its beauty so well!

Titania said...

Doerte. Ich denke das sieht fantastisch aus und der herrliche Duft. Was fuer Lavendel waechst bei dir? Hier tut der franzoesische am besten, der englische versaet sich selber und waechst nicht schlecht/

flyingstars thank you for your nice comment.

Midlife jobhunter; yes, droughts are awful we have a prediction of a dry spring and I am not looking forward to that.

Roses and stuff thank you for your comment, I am sure you are growing this one beautifully.

diane said...

I love white roses and this one is beautiful. I don't grow any roses as I think they are too hard to grow here in Brisbane. Do you think the Iceberg would grow for me?

Stephanie said...

These Iceberg Roses is taking my breath away... love them... so gorgeous. I wish I could plant many roses in my garden. I know what you mean about fertiliser. I have on miniature rose in my garden. Rose plant really needs to the correct fertiliser to stay beautifully blooming all the time :-) Have an exciting weekend!

Alice said...

Surely one of the most prolific and trouble free roses, the Icebergs are such good value.

I don't particularly like the Pink Iceberg, but the white is stunning.

I'm sure you love having so many around your garden, Titania.

Titania said...

Diane; Yes I think It would do well; as it is such a hardy rose. It does not have many thorns either. You could plant it in a big pot, if you have the time to water and fertilize.
There are also small iceberg rose trees available. They look very cute with a ribbon around the stem, like everyday in Sunday dress! I have mine many years, some also in pots. When you cut them back they shoot quickly again and produce more flowers. Lots of mulch and organic fertilizer is the key.

Stephanie thank you; I love the miniatures as well. I have one or two going, I had once a small rose garden planted with miniature roses. If you like a very reliable miniature it is "Carousel", flowers pink/white. I have mine 20 Years in a pot and it is still growing well. Pruning after flowers is the key, lots of mulch and fertilizer.

Alice thank you for your comment.
The dark red is beautiful. I have a Buff beauty which has mutated to dark red and the flowers look the same like dark red Iceberg. Very dark red with brilliant long golden centres.

Sunita said...

Its such a beautiful flower! Is it strongly scented? I can just imagine how it must look in the evening ... I'm sure each and every rose stands out in the darkening light!

easygardener said...

It is very attractive - and good value if it blooms for so long in your garden. Long flowering plants are a bonus!

Maria said...

Die weisse Rose ist wirklich wunderschön! Eine schöne Woche wünsche ich Dir!

Janie said...

Beautiful roses and photos. The buds of this rose are especially lovely.

Fuchsienrot said...

Hallo Titania,
deine Schneewittchen-Rosen sind ja ein Pracht und wahre Augenweide. Ich finde diese weißen Blüten auch wunderschön, aber Schneewittchen war bei mir im Garten sehr krankheitsanfällig und oft schon im Mai fast blattlos. Die Rose hat auch auch wegen ihrer Anfälligkeit für SRT in D das ADR-Prädikat verloren.
Ich habe sie irgendwann in einen großen Kübel umgepfanzt und auf den Balkon gestellt, wo sie einen Sommer lang wirklich herrlich geblüht hat und fast gesund war. Leider hat sie den letzten, sehr harten Winter nicht überstanden.
Euer Klima scheint ihr wohl viel besser zu bekommen.

Stephanie said...

TQ Tatania for the tips. I would definitely watch out for the pink/white carousel mini. Have a great day!

Pia K said...

it looks just grand! as most roses do. does it have a scent? scented roses are my favourites:)

hope you're having a lovely monday!

Bonnie Bonsai said...

I love the girly rhyme that goes along with this Iceberg Rose. Don't they look immaculate?

Thanks for the visit. You make my day! :)

nonizamboni said...

Wonderful rose variety--and I thought the rosebuds were a sweet color too.
Thanks for sharing my favorite flower...well, one of the many :O)

Denise said...

Oh how beautiful! I wish you lived closer so that I could visit your garden :) You could come over for a cup of tea :))

Pietro said...

Splendid roses, Titania! I've really enjoyed them!

Titania said...

Sunita, thank you; you are so right, they glow and they have a scent, subtle but beautiful.

easygardener; thank you for your visit.

Maria, danke, ich dir auch!

Thank you Janie, yes the bud are long slightly pinkish. I think that is why they produced also a pink Iceberg!

Danke Angelika; Ja, diese Rose ist sehr popular hier. Sie hat auch hier manchmal, Wetter bedingt ihre wehwehchen, dann scheide ich sie zurueck, es spielt keine Rolle, sie treibt das ganze Jahr.

Thank you Stephanie, yes do that mine is in full flower now, a few weeks ago the bush looked like dead!

Yes Pia, Iceberg has a fine, slight fragrance. Scent is a must have for roses!

Thank you Bonnie; I am glad about that.

nonizamboni you are welcome.

Denise how nice would that be!

Pietro thank you very much for your visit.

Elfe said...

Das Schneewitchen ist zauberhaft liebe Titania. Das ist erfreulich, wenn im Winter so liebliche Blumen blühen. Mit grossen Schritten geht es bei uns auf den Herbst zu und bei euch auf den Frühling.
Ganz liebe Grüsse

Barbara said...

Schneewittchen war für mich als Kind (nebst Dornröschen) das Lieblingsmärchen (wäre wohl noch interessant den psychologischen Hintergrund dazu zu erforschen ;-) !!). Vielleicht unbewusst, habe ich diese Rose dann später zu den ersten Rosen in meinem Garten ausgewählt. Sie gehört auch zu meinen Lieblingsrosen, da sie zuverlässig remontiert, wenig krankheitsanfällig ist, einen lieblichen Duft hat und...weiss ist!
Es lebe das Schneewittchen!
Herzliche Grüsse aus dem sehr heissen CH-Garten (vorgestern hatten wir 35°C),