Sunday, 12 October 2008

" LAPCPADPOUB Day" Tommy the Manx;

hosted by Happymouffetart

A Satire; (Tommy himself was a bit a satirist!)

Tommycat; 1974 - 1986;

Harry ; ”Hi Tom hows’it going, still roaming the fields?

Tom; “still feel the old leg, since the accident I had,

Harry; Oh yea, that was pretty bad. Better to avoid the High Way when coming over,

Tom; Not going that far any more, or I take the Rover!
And how is the family, by the way?

Harry; Not bad; they are so far okay. There is just that one thing
That bothers me…

Tom; Harry, what could that be?

Harry; the young ones drink to much…Coca Cola ;
It’s awful stuff, smells horrible and is black.

Tom; What is it made of?

Harry; I don’t know…I guess water and burnt sugar, it’s just yuck.

Tom; No have not heard of this’ but milk ain’t milk anymore
either since they have taken out the cream.
Oh yes, that was so clever; how we get duped for ever
and ever.

Harry; Ah, Tom, build a bridge and get over it, that’s just life.
By the way how’s the family.

Tom; Yea, they went to Brissi, World Exhibition. Could have
Gone too. Na, nothing important, they are back

Harry; Spring is early this year, Tom;

Tom; Yea, it’s not what it used to be…

Harry; Well, I better go,

Tom; Harry, be careful along the Highway,

Harry; mmm… I walk along the river bank…See you around Tom, old chap…
Bye Harry.”

Copyright T.S.
Photo T.S.


Anonymous said...

Very good

Webradio said...

Nice photo Titiana, and good story...

Victoria said...

Love it!

HappyMouffetard said...

Great, funny satire and what a gorgeous cat Tommy was.

Thank you for taking part in LAPCPADPOUB day!

VP said...

It's great to meet you through LAPCPADOUB day!

And a great story to boot :)

Zoë said...

What a lovely boy.

Yolanda Elizabet said...

LOL That was a great little satire, well done you!!!! ;-)

Your Tommy was a very handsome boy! And clever too.

BTW my post is up too, don't forget your bucket!

easygardener said...

Thomas was very handsome. Very amusing little story.

as-nunes said...

Nice cat. My last dead cat was 17 years old. Named tuiky.
Is in my garden.
Good luck Tania

Frances said...

Hi Titania, very nice. We had a car hitting survivor also. It slows them up a little but takes nothing from their sense of humor.


Titania said...

Thank you to all for visits and comments; greatly appreciated. T.

Kerri said...

I enjoyed the little cat chat, and the picture of Tommycat. looks like he was a sweet kitty.