Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Tag me...tag me not...

I have been tagged by Sunita. http://the-urban-gardener.blogspot.com/

Come on you new, tagless people! I have six (6) free tags to give away! Hurry; first come first served, it's up to you. Any fun and tag loving person is invited to the sweepstakes. Grab one, take off your hat, your gloves and your coat: then disclose your darkest secrets...the truth and nothing but the truth in six short steps.

Now follows the hard part you have to search for more tagless people 6 is the count.(It is a nightmare but don't let it get around the uninitiated)

The next step is easy you have to tell the person who has tagged you when your post is up.

Here are my 6 darkest secrets,no one has ever suspected something so dark!

1. I have 4 grand children (and I am only 25)
2. I like flying in an aeroplane
3. I don't like driving a car
4. I can speak schwiizerduetsch
5. I have learned to speak not very well Bahasa Indonesia
6. I have (one) sweet tooth
7. I don't like the number 6
8. I can't count

Thank you Sunita for tagging me, I had a lot of fun doing it my way!

I thought I would get away with it, but Sunita said we need names, names, names:
So I have reconverted to the tagging monster and I am calling:
Please follow the rules above, and play along if you feel like it.


Sunita said...

Trudi, I'm glad I tagged you. While I was sweating over my tags, you really did have fun, didnt you?
Hmmm... so whom did you tag in the end? I dont think an open invitation will do.
Names! We need names, or your one sweet tooth will fall out : )

Titania said...

Sunita, I think my tooth has already come out. There are no names I hope the good people out there will come to my rescue and get their share of tags. I am just changing the rules a little bit! Well, as you are such a nice lady I try to do better and get some names.

Kanak Hagjer said...

Had fun reading your post and the comments . Who else but The One Who Was Tagged Too!! By Sunita!

Titania said...

Kanak, glad you stopped by and had a bit of a laugh.

rowena said...

Titania thanks for your comment on the artisan bread. If only more people would support the concept of slow food! I was particularly interested in your mention of Rouge of Marmande - another good possibilty for the garden.

Titania said...

Rowena, we have just planted Rouge de Marmande and the plants look really well the leaves are dark green and look healthy. In our climate we always battle "wilting spores," because of the humidity.
This winter is quite wet and chilly.

Linda said...

The photo made me smile, it is lovely.

Titania said...

Thank you Linda!

Kerri said...

Trudi, you have such an enjoyable sense of humour :) It was fun reading your 'deep, dark secrets' :)
Thank you for the tag, but I probably won't get around to keeping my end of the bargain, as my computer is not working at the moment. Bah humbug!
We've had lots of thunderstorms recently, and the latest one this past Saturday caused a problem. We had a bad neutral wire on the pole outside and had to have electical work done today (new cable, wiring and meter box).
When I tried to turn my computer on afterward it wouldn't boot up. Perhaps it needs a new power supply. Yes, it worked fine before the work was done. Strange coincidence, I know, but perhaps the intermittent low voltage beforehand caused the problem. I'm using my husband's computer at the moment, but I know he'll want it back before long :)
I'm way behind on my posting and visiting, and missing all my blog friends. The garden is keeping me very, very busy, and we've been away for a few days visting our son, DIL, and grandsons. Fun! :)

Titania said...

Kerri thank you for your comment. It is fine with me. I know it is not always convenient. I know with your big garden at the height of the season there is not much time to play games! I hope you get your PC back soon.