Friday, 20 June 2008

What do children paint, when...

their parents and the grand parents are green fingered?

The day begins when liquid gold is shimmering and mingling within the still shadowy garden.

I wish I had a painted garden
Where the sun spreads golden glitter over rouge and over bleu
Where the clouds drift over rainbows, and the stars are silver raindrops
When the fairies and the goblins, danse le pas de deux.
Copyright T.S.

A hill full of flowers...

Sunshine....a flower....a bee and a heart who wants more ...

"Fairy Bells", winter pleasure, the blushed flowers of an Aloe.

My Island in the sun.

A species of purple Tibouchina. The whole shrub is a purple pyramid, the flowers picked out with starry white anthers.

Dark purple Salvia flowers through winter into spring. It grows tall and is easily propagated from cuttings. This is a plant that grows well in the subtropics.

When F. was three she made me a painting. When I asked her what did you paint. She said, I painted your garden.

Delicate blushers....

The imagination of F. says flowers and insects...

Believe it or not: Never eat the first strawberry....throw it where the birds will get it.

Organic tip of the week:

Recycle paper and cardboard.
That 12,000 tonnes of recycled cardboard and paper could potentially save:
more than 150,000 trees;
more than 4,000 litres of oil;
almost 50,000 cubic metres of landfill;
more than 380 mega litres of water;
almost 50,000 megawatt hours of electricity.

All photos T.S.
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Kerri said...

What a sweet post, Trudi. Your grandchildren's paintings show budding talent, and how lovely that they paint your garden!
I like your little poem :)
'Fairy Bells' is so beautiful, and I love the Tibouchina. This one is new to me.
How I'd love to grow that dark purple Salvia!
My husband and I picked 5 large bowls full of strawberries today from our garden. Two more were picked previously. We've been cutting and freezing them with sugar.
We didn't give the birds the first strawberry, but we did throw a few out for them today..the ones that had been nibbled by bugs :)

Sandradb said...

I'm impressed by the look of your garden and the photos you put on your blog. I add you on my blog and, so now I'll visit you more often. I'm crazy about gardening and "green" way of thinking, but unfortunately(due to the lack of time) I can't always do what I plan. Many greetings from Croatia

garden girl said...

So sweet, and beautiful paintings by your grandchildren. It seems likely they'll grow up to be gardeners themselves with their family traditions and their early interest. Isn't it lovely to see the world through the eyes of grandchildren? It's such a gift.

Titania said...

Dear Kerri, thank you so much for your kind messages. It is fantastic to harvest so many strawberries, what a feast. I have read, that here the strawberries are very much sprayed with insecticides and my good guess is in other countries too! It is much better to have a few nibbled ones. I freeeze mine too to use later for jam or desserts like sorbets etc.

Titania said...

Sandra thank you for your comment and adding me to your blog. I do like your blog and will visit often. You have very interesting topics.

Titania said...

Garden girl thank you for your message I have answered it on your blog.

Katarina i Kullavik said...

That's a lovley post! Children's paintings are always fascinating - you get a chance to glimpse inside their minds.

Oh, and that purple Salvia looks great!

Titania said...

Katarina thank you for your comment. Yes, you are right a childrens paintings can say lots about the child. I think this Salvia would grow in the cooler climate over summer as our winters are a little like cool climate summers. Our days ar just very short.

HaBseligkeiten said...

hallo Titania, ich freue mich immer wieder über Deinen Besuch.
Deine Künstler - Galerie ist wunderbar erfrischend. Kompliment an die jungen Kreativen,
liebe Grüße Heidi

Mo said...

Wonderful paintings! My eldest daughter asked me the other day, "Mommy, why do we have so many plants in our house and our backyard?" I laughed because I didn't know what to say except that I love them, and that they make me happy! That seemed to satisfy her curiosity :)

Titania said...

Mo, thank you and a very good and simple answer you had for your daughter.

Di DeCaire said...

Finally I have some time to look at other blogs and comment. The tour took all my energy. Your posting is so serene and soft it's helping me rest up.

Titania said...

Di, thank you for your message. I hope you can have a nice rest now before the garden calls again. Take care and best wishes.

Barbara said...

Liebe Trudi, das isch aber ächt en liebevolle u härzige "post" gsi! Wie viel Gfüehl u Fröid schtecke Chind doch in ihri Zeichnige. Ich schtuune immer wieder! Schön, dass du all die chlyne Kunschtwärk hesch dörfe u chönne ufbewahre.
Uebrigens, die erschte Erdbeeri woni abläse ghöre eigetlech meischtens de Vögu, will sie fasch immer vo de Schnägge aknaberet si ;-) !!
Häb's guet u liebi Grüess,

Titania said...

Thank you Barbara for your very nice comment in "aechtem bernduetsch". Yes, d'Schnegga love the strawberries as much as we do!